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Every time I see an advert for a "Training School" I will investigate, Then I will Black list you if I find that A/ You have absolutely no experience in the ROV industry and B/ You have no current working ROV's in the Oil and Gas Industry ............ Hope this helps ! Twisted Evil
Have a nice day Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Just look at the website...the instructor is wearing a bum-bag on his hip and is a double of a) Captain Birdseye (Fishfingers) b) Captain Paul Watson (Sea Sheps) Wink

You might as well blacklist the lot, I don't think any qualify for a AND b!

I you are trained by experienced people at any kind of school, then the output is, 9 times out of ten, graded quite high....taught by monkees though, the school kids eat's a spiral loop down hill.

The bigger picture is, that the industry will's only when the financial implications are felt, and they will be, will this industry may or may not get straightened out and regulated.

Gloom and Reality....yes Exclamation
I was on the kettle!
ROV pilot tech trained on an AC ROV.

The only good thing is at least they don't claim to be IMCA certified!

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I think we are all in the wrong job Guys and maybe will should start our own Rov schools or Agency's .

For those who might be interested on the details and cost , Here we go , This I might add is only half of the details for the ROV PILOT/TECHNICIAN GRADE II COURSE

Course duration is 121 hours.:
- 48 hours of theory .
15 hours of simulator, ROV Simulator from Marine Simulation with FALCON, AGEOTEC and
SEABOTIX ROV and VMAx Work Class Simulator for diffrent models of TRITON WORK CLASS
Both simulators contain different scenarios with Sonar and Manipulators up to 7 functions.
58 hours of practical part
in different environments among which are practices in pool, onboard the
multipurpose work vessel Atlantic Explorer, including use of an ROV system from AGEOTEC/Sirio
and one from AC-CESS/AC-ROV.

Lunch (midday) included during the theory part and the practical at the pool or harbour.

Accomodation and all meals included during the practical part onboard the vessel (2 or 3 days).

If you need an accommodation during the days of theory and practice ashore we have available at our
Training Facilities with a cost of 25

/day/trainee with breakfast included.

Personal protective equipment (PPE).

Didactic material. *

T-shirt and polo sport of
ROV Training Center. *
This material will be given at the start of the course to each student and at the end of the course can be taken

After taking an exam and performing the practical part will provide to the trainee an IMCA Record of
Competence book, IMCA ROV ROV Personnel Logbook for Pilot / Technician Grade II and
Certificate/Diploma from QSTAR ROV Training Center, TRAINING ESTABLISHMENT MEMBER
Price per Trainee:
(Tax not included 7%)
OFFER (Limited Places):
€4.500,00. ( £2792 GBP )

But I see nothing about we will help you help finding employment , So you do this course and join the other few other thousands of trainees looking for work .

But you can impress your mates down the pub with your Qstar Tee Shirt .



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