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This is my first post on here. I've been working as an ROV pilot/tech grade 2 for the last 18 months after spending 9 years in the RAF as an aircraft engineer. I've got 100 offshore days and 30 hours. But I'm looking into a change of company as I've spent some trips on a barge which has no ROV on board, which I feel is hampering my progress to grade 1 and possibly further. If any one knows of any companies wanting to take trainees on please let me know or should I just persevere with my current employer? Thanks for any help/advice.
As you already have offshore experience and time, you should try applying to the usual larger ROV companies as a PT2, not as a Trainee.

You would be one of thousands applying as a Trainee.

I won't list the major players, it's easy enough to read through on here and Google to find out who they are Smile
Tornado31 wrote:
for the last 18 months.................. I've got 100 offshore days and 30 hours..

Have you also got base days or is 100 offshore days in 18 months it?
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Rayshields- yea I know who most of the big players are in the ROV work I've applied to a few of them got a few more to do and I'm on most of the major ROV recruitment/agencies books too. Thanks rayshields Smile

Sedco - I do have base days too when I've been alongside waiting for jobs/operations to come in for the vessel.
Just keep sending your CV out (as PT2) and emailing around.... keep yourself fresh in peoples minds. Don't feel guilty about contacting them too often! Something will eventually come up.

Good luck Thumb Up
James Mc
Site Admin

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Do what James suggested but also phone to follow up on your CV. That sometimes helps....especially when they are down a few guys and here is lad who wants to get a chance.

Good luck
Thanks jamesmc and Trimtank that helps. I know you said ring and follow up on my cv. I was asked my availability for an interview last Sunday by email from a big company I sent a reply email and followed up a few days later but I have not heard anything do you think it's worth ringing the company and person in question or does that seem too pushy?
Subsea 7
Abyss International Benthic Exploration
Advanced Energy Systems (ADES)
Advanced Offshore Contractors Pvt Ltd
Alam Subsea Pte Ltd
Alliance Seaworks Sdn Bhd
Allied Marine & Equipment Sdn Bhd
Aquadron, Inc
Arena Sub srl
Argus Remote Systems AS
Assodivers Ltd
Benthic Geotech Pty Ltd
Bermuda Subsea (M) Sdn Bhd
Bibby Offshore Singapore Pte Ltd
Bibby Remote Intervention Ltd
Bluestream Offshore BV
Boskalis Offshore
Boskalis Offshore - Middle East & India
Boskalis Offshore Subsea Services T/a SMIT Subsea Australia Pty Ltd
Bumi Subsea Sdn Bhd
C-Innovation LLC
Cal Dive International Pte Ltd
Cape Diving
Caspian Sea Oil Fleet (CSOF)
CNS International srl
Consolidated Contractors Company (Underwater Engineering) SAL
Coral Alliance Sdn Bhd
D&R Subsea Co Ltd
Dalgidj Private Company
DCN Diving BV
DeepOcean Group (DeepOcean -CTC Marine-Trico Supply)
Deeptech Oil Services

Good Luck.

Cheers Labicas, im working through the IMCA websites list of companies at the moment plus some of the contacts I have.

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