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Hi guys!

The company I'm working for wants to buy an ROV and we were asked to scan the internet. We would like to buy a device that can be deployed without the need for a crane, as we are working mainly in the coastal area from small ships.

Until now we have a good opinion on the Saab SeaEye Falcon. We would like to mount a Blueview device for microbathymetry and also to carry as much weight as possible, have a good versatile arm and a high resolution camera.

It would be very helpful if you could tell me facts regarding your personal working experience with those type of ROVs, after all the websites are made to show only their strengths and professionals that operate them can give the best piece of advice.

Thanks a lot,
My experience offshore (at various levels in the food chain) indicates that most SAAB seaeye brushless DC thruster based ROV units are very reliable. It's a case of deciding what best suits your operational budget. Call them up and have a chat, tell them what you want to do with it. That's often the best way to cut down to what you need. Spares and support seem to be pretty good also.


Seaeye Falcon Features:

  • 300 metre depth rating, 14 kilo payload
  • Max 450 metre umbilical (1100 metres with F2 Fibre Optic Pack)
  • Magnetically coupled brushless DC thrusters with velocity feedback loop
  • 4 Vectored and 1 vertical thruster
  • 50 kgf thrust with 1:1 power to weight ratio
  • Distributed intelligence control system
  • Integral system diagnostics
  • High resolution colour camera on 180° Tilt Platform
  • Variable intensity, 6400 Lumens of LED lighting
  • Auto heading, depth, compass and rate gyro
  • Portable surface control system with video overlay and daylight readable display
  • Low drag umbilical
  • Single phase A/C power input - auto selecting universal 100-270 VAC at 2.8 kW

The falcon is probably your best bet.

drop me a line and I can run you through the Pros and Cons

(Seaeye Tech Sales)
The Saab SeaEye Falcon is one of the products we have in mind. But also, we are opened for other possiblities, so, please, could you tell me if you have in mind another type of small ROV that can be deployed by hand from small boats (our largest is 9 meters long). Do you think that inertial navigation or DVL can help for positioning underwater? How other ROVs solve the issue of positioning underwater, especialy under the influence of currents?

Do you want to deploy Falcon by HAND from your 9m long boat?
Yes, in their comparison chart, Saab says the simple Falcon weights 60 kilos in air and the Falcon DR 100. We guess that 60 kilos is not that of a problem for two strong men and a boat with 4300 kilograms displacement.

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