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Looking at networking in more detail and on a bigger scale to secure my 1st job within the ROV industry, i would like to see what the best or the more popular agencies that you guys use to secure work.

You will probably find out that most agencies will not look at any ROV personnel until they have at least some experience offshore and 100 true flying hours!
Catch 22 situation, but good agencies i have come across are Maris and Subserv, IV offshore really do cream the day rate off you...but whatever you say your day rate is..stick to your guns, your the one doing the time offshore not them Shocked
Cheers mate thanks
I agree with Davie C that the big agencies are Subserv, Maris and IV Offshore. I think the best in regards to pay are Maris and IV, having worked for both many a times i have no compliants.

Up to you my friend!!! Razz Razz Razz
Thanks for the feedback guys its much appreciated
The main reason behind my post is to gain some useful knowledge into agencies so i can broaden my search to gain employment.

Some people getting the wrong end of the stick thinking im after a high day rate, im not i know how the industry works as im a commercial diver so i know all about taking experience over money.
Another thing to consider is that agencies use a lot of Egyptians from NPCC who are renown for bad work ethics, lack of effort and initiative, but they talk a good job! So you may have a chance with the agencies if they are still employing these clowns, so good luck to you, as said, Gemma at Maris is a good bet to contact..all the best
Cheers , Yeah I spoke to Gemma today so we will see what happens

Thanks again
Hi Davie C,

I am an agent myself working for Anderson Young and I specialise in ROV recruitment. Please feel free to contact me on the below details and I will be happy to talk to you about the opportunities and options I have.

Kind regards


+44 (0)1276 478 940
+44 (0) 7827 666 880
I think at the moment I have well over 500 agency's .Your find by shopping round that the rates on all are not the same for the same job .

Not all agency's are the same some do look after you were as some don't !

I have attached a few , Yes there are many of the main line agency's missing from the list ,This is just one page .

This is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg .

The secret is shop around and when they ask you " Whats your day rate " Just ask them what is the maximum the client will pay " Straight to the point other wise your play ping pong ball with them for the next 10 emails on day rate !

Good Hunting

Thanks Raptor 😜
Thanks perry ( for taking the time to ring me appreciate it and will be in touch

Why don't try to call HR Department directly, without any link between you and potencial employer? You can find a lot of HR contacts over the internet.
Freediver wrote:
Why don't try to call HR Department directly, without any link between you and potencial employer? You can find a lot of HR contacts over the internet.

You may be a bit of a newbie to go agency, that said if you have any savvy, call the companies direct, negotiate your deal involve the agencies if you need to.
It's really not rocket science.

If you want to network, then talk to the people that are in the know.
Agencies are merely another layer in the cake, unfortunately in some cses a necessary evil Wink

Might be worth getting a few years under your belt as a diver with one of the larger outfits for a few years...Fugro etc. If you have a reasonable backrground thenn you should have no problem...
I was on the kettle!
Hi All,

I had a similar query this morning from a very personable, enthusiastic and competant (from an engineering / tech perspective) budding Trainee ROV Pilot / Tech.

I advised him that, although we would love to help him (we don't get paid commission for our placements at Atlas, so it genuinely feels good to help new guys or motivated guys get into the market / help to shape their careers) the current state of the ROV market is highly competitive for contractors and agencies alike.

Clients want the best, most suitable candidates in the market for any given position (especially when a surplus of skilled workers appears on the market) and, when retaining agencies, they expect agencies to provide them with hard-to-find experienced ROV professional as they are paying a fee for our services. Generally speaking, many clients are not in a position to consider inexperienced or trainee candidates through agencies as such candidates are relitively easy for them to source directly (all it takes is a few flyers sent out to MTCS, Fort William etc and the main ROV companies will generate enough interest to satisfy their ROV apprentice intakes).

As such, I advised our candidate that, as a first step, they should map out the companies they would potentially be interested in working for, identifying a type of project they would like to focus on (drill support, construction etc), and then apply directly.

I wish that we could be of more assistance to Trainee ROV candidates and new starters into the industry, but I genuinely believe that agencies are best utilised when they can represent you objectively and efficiently as a relitively established professional with a marketable skillset. This is when the clients are receptive to our candidate introductions, and this is also when we can proactively work to get the best deal (rate, contract length, repeat rotation, ROV, project type, location) for you.

As the head of the ROV business unit at Atlas, this is just my view on matters. I hope, though, that it provides an insight into how some agencies approach the issue of Trainees. We will always try to offer productive advice, but often the best way to start is to apply direct.

Kind regards,

William Best (ROV Account Manager)
Atlas Professionals
T +44 1726 86 22 00
DD +44 1726 86 22 16
F +44 1726 86 25 50

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