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I'm thinking of doing the 10 day introduction course to becoming an ROV pilot/tech I just wanted to fire this off to you guys and see what your thoughts are.
For those have completed their training there I'd love to hear from you.
I do understand there is slot of people out there saying it's a waste of money as it means nothing however I disagree.
Current status im a commercial diver looking to getting into ROV industry and previous to that spent 7 years in Navy as weapons engineer.
Cheers for reading

Hi Davie nice to see you on the forum and like you say you would like to get feed back is it worth you doing a Rov course .

Well this debate has been going on for years you only have to go back via the archives on this site . However I think you have all ready made up your mind so there is very little that I or the others can say its your money .

But after you have paid out your £10.000 or what ever it is " Then What ? "
You send off your cert the same as all the guys have done and get the same answer back " Thanks for your application we will be in touch " By doing a course it does not guarantee you employment or your cv goes to the top of the pile .

I dare say that many of the other Senior members of this site will also tell you the same , However there is the odd member who might say " I did a Course and got hired within a week of doing the course " Should that be the case then there very lucky .

If you have the basics or they feel you have some thing to offer the main line Rov company's will train you on one of there own in house training programs
As well as reading the archives on this site you might like to try linkedIn as there are many members on there also searching for work after doing a course .

In fact looking at the topics on the forums right now your answer is there , 2 members did a course and there still searching for work .

So good luck

Good afternoon Raptor

Well the course that's run by MTCS is £2500 without accommodation it's a 10 day introduction like they all are and I totally agree spending £10's of thousands on the the course is ludicrous however they do have there place and they have proved that by people gaining employment afterwards.
I look back when I done my commercial diving course and the amount I paid was unreal n I could of saved thousands if I knew what I do now but that's life.

On the plus side I will pay almost nothing for the course due to funding from the navy I'm entitled too so it won't hurt to get my head round it.

A lot of people say there really isn't any point in doing it (the course) just send your CV's off to the big players. But I've worked for some big companies n worked alongside ROV's n everyone I've asked either supervisor or sup I get same answer go do the course.

Thanks very much for your reply appreciate it Smile
Hi Davie

Well we have some thing in common we both paid out of a diving course I did mine back in the early seventy's and have worked in Rov + Diving for over forty years .

But please explain to me why do you want to do a course ? I don't see how MTCS can guarantee you a job .Maybe we should be asking


All I know is what I read on this Forum and LinkedIn plus all the pm messages I get asking me the same thing " I did a rov course and I still cant find work "

Yes its very busy at the moment but there are only so many trainee slots available and hundreds if not thousands of trainees all fighting for the same slots .

But do your course and you can report back here on how you got a job soon after the course or your still searching for work .

You can be our guinea pig and maybe we can put this topic to bed once and for good .


Haha guinea pig sounds good haha

I totally understand where your coming from tho don't get me wrong but the way I see it is if was say working for sclub7 and I'm in charge of getting trainee pilot/techs in and there's two candidates 1 who has a good pedigree in engineering n seems pretty switched on or the other again has a sound knowledge of engineering but has also got brief insight to how these machines work, find faults , hours under his belt etc i know who I would choose.

From my perspective this is the way the industry works at the moment a close friend of mine just completed the 3 week course at TUC and within the week is heading out to Dubai maybe he was one of the lucky ones.
A lot of people on these forums that keep saying there is no work, there's no point in doing this its all waste of money blah blah blah I know this and maybe you share same thought too from my experience in the diving world there is thousands of people out there that just do not know how to search,network among other ways to gain employment. I mean I bet you have seen it before where some wont have a clue how to construct a CV or send an email for that matter in the correct way.

I just think people (minority) just don't have that drive or nouse about them to get that job , but I really do feel that confident il be a trainee with a company before August I have no doubt ..... Fingers crossed ha

It's been pleasure raptor I hope I don't have to update this and Say you told me so Smile but one will not get somewhere without trying
I did a 3 week course at The Underwater Centre and had 6 job offers within 2 months. I agree with you if there are 2 identical candidates but one has done a course, the choice is obvious. The course will not make you an ROV P/T it will give you a grounding and a few hours.

Do the course.

If its 10 days then you are not doing the same course as the other places.

The course is 15 days for Tech 2 and Tech 1.

Just take a look here at the course on global marines training site.

So if you paying less your getting less.

I would spend more and go and do the three week course at Global marine in Portland.
im currently in my last few months in the Royal Navy and specialise in Mine Warfare, my main role is sonar director and ROV Pilot (military observation class) and have been doing this for the last 23 years . i have maintained and prepared for missions and scheduled maintainance on different type of vehicle which includes fibre optic splicing. i have level 2 nvq in engineering electronics, electrics and basic engineering skills in hydraulics and pneumatics. i have thought about doing the course with MTCS but am in two minds, some say the big players will send you on the desired courses if you are accepted however not guarenteed of being accepted by them.

Hi Davie

Not sure if you have see this Topic regarding MTCS training standards its all ready been debated please go to this URL :-



I was originally going to do the course through global marine however they are not continuing there ROV training for what reason I do not know if you look on there web page there courses do not run past May , also I have a friend that works for them and he confirmed they do not run anymore courses.

Regarding MTCS their course is less criteria as they you don't do much flying time in comparison to other schools but its based more around the technical side.
Dear Archie1234

Unlike me you already have the credentials and attributes to elk straight into the industry however if your going to use your ELC funding then it's not going to do you any harm.

Good luck
I got a start last year with SS7, no survival/med/Rov course.
12 guys I was with, only 1 had previously done a course (through resettlement grant), but everyone had a strong engineering background.

We were sent to MTCS for 3 weeks, 10 day intro, and a further week of hyd/fibre optic/HV training, and to be honest the last week was the most usefull.
I personally, was unemployed before, so no spare cash. But would rather spend it on your weaker subjects. things like networking, fibre, hyds, as those are very relevant for the actual work.

Appreciate you getting in touch Paul
Can I please ask what your background is tho ? Well done on securing a job with SS7 are you enjoying it, few of my friends work for them (diving) and they live the dream as they say. I'd give my left leg for start with them haha
I've sent CV's away to some of the big boys in the industry just to test the water but I'm struggling constructing my CV around the ROV part as I have no insight or quals relating to it apart from my engineering background from the navy and my CV is mainly all Diving as that's what I am.

However I can't hurt doing this course and fingers crossed something will pop up /-)
I would suggest that any resettlement money would be better spent on gaining electrical/electronic or hydraulic qualifications.

Getting an insight or introduction to ROVs will do you no good if you are unable to maintain and repair them, which is what employers are looking for.

I have heard the argument about how Divers can get into ROVs "because they know about working in the water" but in reality ROV personnel are taken on to maintain and repair the equipment - this is the number one priority. All operational stuff with ROVs is learnt AFTER you get the job.
Davie-C wrote:

Regarding MTCS their course is less criteria as they you don't do much flying time in comparison to other schools but its based more around the technical side.

It really isn't a very technical course either. It is a basic introduction to the industry. Very basic.
I was a service leaver so had the course paid for by the MOD. I would definitely not use my own money or recommend anyone to use their own money for this course. Personally, I still want to be a ROV PT but I have now got a job offshore as a mech tech. I am hoping to gain some offshore experience for a while and then look around for ROV work later. Unless of course I enjoy this job then I may just stick it out.
Whatever you decide to do-Good Luck

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