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Hi guys this just came in Smit in Dubai are looking for personnel for a Sea Eye Surveyor Plus . I understand there clearing fishing nets from a Jack up rig .

My own thoughts are that they will need divers to cut the net free and the Surveyor will become part of the problem since the net is going to go straight in the front Thrusters !

Should you want to apply send your cv and certs to

Good Luck

rate offered is poor £310 per day
Wow that is low was that direct or via a agency ? Now I can see why they gave the job to the agencies to find personnel .

I have an urgent requirement for ROV personnel mobilising this weekend. My client requires a supervisor and two pilot technicians who must have experience using the Seaeye Surveyor Plus systems. The project is offshore Dubai for 14 days. The scope of work is to remove fishing nets from a jack up rig. The day rate available is dependent on your experience.


I've been offered (declined) $700 by Jane at Smit in the past, not great but better than £310 ($480).
Veni, Vidi, Velcro! (I came, I saw, I stuck around!)
£310 was for PT Supervisor was £370 and that is from 2 different UK agencies .
Its the same every year and I thought that Fugro was bad in Middle East there day rate has not changed in 5 years .

They cant find people direct so they farm it out to the agencys same every year .

I can think of only one company in the middle east and thats Subtec they were paying $825 - $850 for Sups .

But I still think you take that Seaeye Surveyor any were near that fishing net and its going straight in the forward thrusters , The vehicle by the way is Seaeye surveyor 228 free swimmer Ex GB Diving .

However if you thought our rates were bad I was just sent this :-

to Adele

Good Day All

Hope you are well,

We are looking for SAT divers to mob Friday

Rate us$400 a day, us$26 in the bin

Please send your updated CV and cert pack.

Kind Regards


$ 400 a day and $26 while in the bin, At this rate your be earning more in Tescos



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