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Getting pissed off with the big difference in Norwegian and UK contracts.

I work for a Norwegian company and signed my contract in the UK.

Equal pay

Where men and women, working for the same employer, are doing one of the following they are entitled to the same terms in their employment contract:

The same or similar work (like work)

Work rated as equivalent in a job evaluation study by the employer
Work of equal value.

So why do Norwegians get a better deal than UK guys?

A quick phone call to ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) and they told me I have a case to answer for.

Has anyone else gone down this road before?
ecafkcuf wrote:

So why do Norwegians get a better deal than UK guys?

They always have done because they are unionised with agreements in place for Pay, conditions, working time offshore etc.
In the UK subsea sector there is no such thing.. other than for divers who, as it happens, are very well paid indeed and will be getting further rate rises in future.
That's why Brits on UK contracts (such as yourself) are seen as cheap labour in Norway... and the reality of it is they are, when compared to Noggy rates.

BTW interesting username (ecafkcuf) when you read it backwards that is. Not sure anyone will take you seriously with a username like that.??
I understand that they get this because of their union.

What Im getting at is that under the equality act of 2010 its illegal to discriminate against someone because of their race. So I cant get their contract because Im British. Simply, this is racial discrimination.
Oh and the username was an anagram for cake cuff Wink
earlier in the year i was on a vessel in North sea with 3 Norweigan pilots, in norway sectors on oil and gas job

I was on £415 a day as PT liable to Noggie tax if I worked over 6 week out of 26 in Noggy sector ,the Noggy PTs were on £830 per day and the super was on £1100 perday and amazing thing was that none of them paid Noggy tax as they had found a loophole , they lived in USA and Thailand same as me !!!!!oh and they were on the regular rotations .The Norweigan superintendant wa on even bigger money but he lived in Norway and paid full Noggy taxes .

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