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playing with google and found the title become an ROV pilot in 3 weeks!

i aint going to put link in for obvious reasons but after reading it, i too want an excellant and varied job for me and my family.

Good Lifestyle

Think of it. High Salary, Paid Travel and Good Leave Schedules its not long before you and your family are enjoying a good lifestyle. Taking in a holiday any time of the year, meeting your partner after a job completion in perhaps Mexico. Able to buy that bigger house you have always dreamed of or just the fact that you can take time off whenever you need it for whatever you want.

i have been short changed fantastic no wonder people are lapping up these courses id have sold my granny too for such an opporunity!

excuse me but pass me the sick bag!

to newbies or possible entries into this game there is a not a chance in hell of these glorious sugar coated ballocks (not a bad word is it)... yes highly paid.... eventually.... leave ha ha .... i'm sure some will argue but even being a day rater does not give you the ability to say No when ever you wish as the companies as a rule dont like it!

but oh you can dream!
It was an American thread by chance Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Must've been; because, that's my life exactly. Fourchon is beautiful this time of year.

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