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Good afternoon chaps,

I'm looking for your guys opinions on which route to go down in relation to a few things.

Shortly with a bit of luck I will have the oppertunity to get a start as a Trainee ROV pilot/Tech.

I have an electronics and mechanical background and enjoy both areas. I'm a field engineer at present and work on vessels almost every day around the world and deal with both survey and ROV crew. It's on a ad hoc basis and I have to work in the workshop when I get back. This is what kills the job for me and i now want to move on and get into offshore position where I don't have to work when I get home.

Many survey foke suggest that I should become a survey tech as my background is perfect. In fact I have turned down some strong offers until I know what it is I want to do.

Anyways I'm a very mechanically minded person naturally and this is what made me explore the ROV route first. I'm a time served mechanic to trade and have worked with hydrolics in the past. Which i liked. Having said that I do enjoy working with all the survey kit also.

Basically I can't decide which way to go....

Based on your knowledge of the industry, how do the two compare in regards to:

Day rates
Base salaries (if staff)
Trip durations
Time off ( rotations etc)
Opportunitys to work freelance eventually

My long term goal is to work freelance I think.


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