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I have a fairly specific query which after asking a few tax agents / accountants, I have received different advice on.
Just wondered if anyone has any comments ?

I am a UK citizen, who hs lived and worjked in Singapore / Oz for last 6 years and paid Oz tax. Therefore no UK tax in 6 years (I belive this makes me non UK tax ?)
I do not have any links to UK either, apart from sister and father living there.

Now plan to work in Angola on 4 week rotation through uk agency to SS7.
I will be living in France.

Anyone know if I would be best to setup UK Ltd company, or French ?
Also as I will be in Angola for more than 183 days, will I actually be liable for UK or French tax ?

Any recommendations for tax agents . accountants appreciated.


This is potentially a tricky situation depending on who you are being employed by, where you will be working and where you are tax-resident. If you live in France you would ordinarily resident there and would pay tax on your income there. However, if you are likely to be our of France (working) for more than 183 days then you could become non-resident from France for tax purposes but of course you should be tax-resident somewhere. the UK is possible if you have ties (family, regular visit, business, etc) and so you could obtain a Certficate of Fiscal Residency. This would be better than entering the French tax system.

As for UK or French LTD company, certainly the UK especially if UK Fiscal Residency can be acheived.
Kind Regards
Steve White

Your Tax Office Ltd
+44 (0) 1438 940 944

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