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Recently I have been deemed medically un-fit for offshore work due to the medication I take.
I took a North Sea sector medical in August, declared my medication and passed no probs, I was then required to take a Norweigen sector medical in January. I went back to the same facillity but saw a different doctor and again declared my meds only this time was told that the Gabapentin I take was a restricted medication offshore and until I can prove I am no longer taking them I have been declared un-fit and also had my passed August medical voided.
Seeing my GP today I have been told I need to be weened off these and so will take about 3 months!
Has anyone else had the same problem or have any advice for me?
Thanks in advance.
no advice Jamie, but perhaps book an appointment with the GP who passed you the first time and ask for an explanation from him? Speaking to your actual GP is a good start though- can your GP substitute the restricted meds for something else?

The bit that would concern me is the weaning period of 3 months - that sounds like it was set in stone - that would be my priority - how much of that can be cut out if you get your GP to investigate on a regular basis over the next 4 weeks?
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Hi Savante thanks for replying.
As for an alternative medication my GP thinks the only other 2 options would not be allowed offshore as they both have sedative qualities so thats a dead end, as for the 3 months weaning that is pretty much set in stone but I am going to see a chiropractor this afternoon to see if he can help with the scyatica as I come off the pain killers so looking on the positive side I may get some physical help there.
I am just confussed as to how this 1 doctor can put a halt to my career when I have been passed fit in the past, someone somewhere isn't doing their job correctly or not following the right guidelines. The guidelines were reviewed in 2008 and were actually relaxed as to what medication was restricted.

I work for Oceaneering and keeping them informed so hopefully with them being such a big company they can sort something out 'SOON' for me but had I been a self employed day rater I wouldn't really know where to turn.
Obviously you wouldn't want to put yourself or your fellow shipmates at any undue risk if your drugs have a sedative affect.

That said, I would be in touch with the MCA and the Norwegian Board of Helath for a written list of permitted drugs and doses, as I beleive that the doctor in this case is merely reacting on a discretionary basis (covering HIS own arse).

Do you have a copy of the guidelines...I would be interested in seeing one, as a quick Google didn't come up with anything.

Good luck with the's a bugger. Try a sports massage, worked for moi.
Trusty me, I'm a doctor!
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I know this is an old post but I'm curious whether you got a satisfactory resolution? Last week I had a similar experience with my medical pending as I'm taking gabapentine for a minor discomfort. It doesn't cause any side effects or drowsiness and I'm no longer on the frontline so to speak but driving a desk but still offshore.

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