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Hi all,

we managed to aquire a few thousand litres of BP Bartran 22 when we were unable to get hold of Tellus 32 on a job. Viscosity is at 150, whereas Tellus is 99 I believe (no doubt someone will correct me). What difference would it make to the system? At the moment we are just keeping it to use as Valve Tank fillers but it'd be nice to use as all purpose in the system.

Cheers Rolling Eyes

The value you quoted i.e. 99 is the viscosity index NOT the viscosity. The actual viscosity (kinematic at 40 C.) is 32 for Tellus 32 and 22 for Bartran 22. The numbers refer to the value in centi Stokes for each oil and is the value that most people would refer to as the viscosity. Obviously being a "thinner" oil 22 may cause you problems particularly in a warmer operating environment.

I'm not an oily type so someone who is, may want to jump in with a more detailed explanation.

There are various cross-references available on the web but as a rule of thumb use like for like viscosity numbers e.g. Hyspin 32-Tellus 32-Ecoterra 32 etc, the name only being a brand.

Cheers for that. I'm a nanode guy myself and sometimes the dirty side gets lost on me. Wink

Are there many grease monkeys on the site that can type? Twisted Evil

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