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I am starting to think its a waste of time trying to keep pace with all the requirements . As look at companys in south east asia most clients no longer accept the OGUK medicals you must do there own .

As a freelancer its a night mare as to work for say PETRONAS you do there medical so they will issue you with a smart card , It took 2 days to get, Then I went offshore for 2 days to do a spud can survey .

After all that the smart card did not work and they wanted to see all my original certs , I thought all your data was on a main data base like OPITO

Within a week I went back offshore for COPI , So I did a COPI medical again 2 days to sort out the medical and 2 days to check a leaking riser .

This is 2011 were all your details are on a main data base , If you lose your original certs that wont issue you with a new one .

One of these days they will have a set standard , I thought they had with OPITO but still many companys wont accept it the same as a OGUK medical . As for MIST I am sure they will bring out there own for South East Asia and your need to do that as well .

So maybe we should start up a data base who accepts OPITO and OGUK certs and who dont it would life allot easier for all these short jobs .

Cheers and see you all in the waiting room at hospital


Some SAT Divers turned up at the port to join the crew Boat out they work with an Amercian company and they have been working on and off for last few years with Petronas and have the documents medicals and smarts cards etc.

But the smart cards were in some ones office draw in Singapore as they would not give the contractors them so guess what they were not allowed offshore until the cards were in Malaysia with them.

happened back in May 2011.

Went for a Medical with Shell Philippines now to be honest it was not upto much but the Medical in Batam in the Hospital there for Indo work that was proper full on Medical.

Work in Malaysia can cost a contractor time and loss of income for sure getting paper works done.

Best to work on the few projects there in Malaysia which dont need that smart card and other docs.

Yes its starting to be a mess I dont know the full reason why they wont accept a OGUK medical as its all done by a approved Doctor like I said what is the point in doing it if the clients wont accept it same goes with my OPITO cert I did my HUET & EBS plus OLF for Norway over in Petans in Norwich .

I thought it was valued world wide but thats not the case as for the requirements of the COPI medical its more than a full offshore medical as you can see .

Consultation with GP
Physical Examination including your rear end
Patient history
Vision Testing
Drug Testing
Routine Urine Test
Lung Function Test (Peakflow)
Chest X-Ray
Laboratory Examination:
- Hematology (Hb,RBC,WBC,Hematocrite,Platelet,Diff count,LED)
- Blood Sugar (Glucose fasting, Glucose Post Prandial)
- Liver function (total bilirubin,phospatase alkali,Gamma
GT,AG/Ratio,total protein, albumin, globulin, SGPT, SGOT)
- Lipid profile (total cholesterol,HDL,LDL,Trigliseride)

The requirement for extra medicals and certs seems to be in south east asia as most other clients seem to accept OPITO & OGUK

Before going offshore out of KSB they would all ways check your Urine and Blood for drugs .

The other thing I notice is you cannot wear Close SANDALs or Flip flops in the showers in the end I had to wear plastic bags on your feet .

So like I said its just not worth going out on these short jobs for COPI and
Petronas .


Sometimes it is a way for someone at an HSE department to channel unnecessary high paid work to their favorite doctors.
Client rep, Ops Supt
I have worked for Petronas and Shell and they are getting bad to work for, i was on a barge, 230 people and most of the local did NOT have all the papers that Expat should have, why??
Every large O&G brand has to cover their own particular HSE criteria.
That said, it's not really all that bad, being paid to repeatedly test your it?

I must admit, over the years the amount of paperwork that I carry offshore has increased, and you would have thought in this day and age that a single smart card with all your credentials on would suit worldwide Exclamation

I think Benny hit the nail on the head.
I was on the kettle!
Thinking more about maybe its insurance ? But why have different rules for local and xpats I am not sure .

But work this one out when working for Rovtech a few years ago all the crew had to do a full medical this was for work with BSP .Now there was 2 xpats and the rest were from Singapore and Malaysia but the xpats were the only ones who had a camera up the rear ? But it was not only the rov crews all the xpat divers had the same .

But I wish they would have a accept standards with Medicals and Survival Courses , I fully understand people would make up the own certs but now days every thing is on data base so why all the companys dont use it I dont know .

I wonder what is going to happen to the MIST course will they accept the UK one or do we the whole thing again .But your right you need to carry with you now a load of paper work and if you lose it your have start all over again .

Thinking more about it does Holland use the Green book as all your certs and medicals could go in that unlike a smart card that dont work .

But knowing PETRONAS and COPI I bet they still would not accept it !!
So its clear what ever you do you cant win .



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