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Well over the last months Aleron Subsea has being looking for crew for there Thailand project many times.

That old Triton they have doing free span.

They had all the criteria dont apply if you dont have this and that basically they wanted all the boxes ticked.

I wondered why they are always looking for crew by ageny and direct them selves.

Agency have said client is willing to pay 400 USD Day Rate.

There is no company is Asia which pays rates like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for Add hoc experenced Pilot Techs.

well one Aleron where attitude is everything.
Yes I was thinking the same over the passed few months first Subserv seem to be supplying personnel then Aleron seem to be hiring direct .I think Cabico marine in singapore has got a finger in this job as well .
But I never knew the pay was only 400 USD any way had a call from Subnet the other day asking if I was available for this job but they never gave a rate now I know why .

Well the best of luck to be guys that accept the job .


400.00????????? Evil or Very Mad

Tell em' to stuff it!
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
$400 is mighty poor, I seen a job on linkedIn for £300 gbp, and then one for $300 usd.................monkeys...........peanuts..........anyone.
"One for all and all for one !!!."
Sonsub is looking for a Supervisor through Maris and are offering 419 GBP/day. Superintendent at 495 GBP. When I turned it down my rep said she had never heard of a rate so high as what I was asking of 700 GBP/day. Sad times.
I would like to point out the agency must have got this rate wrong by quoting in USD rather than GBP .

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding, quite right 400 usd would be too low.

Rgds, Aleron Subsea .

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