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Hello, I'd like to add this "company" to the shady list. And I'd also like comments from past and present workers if possible to highlight the kind of abuse this company is known for.

As I said, Energy Subsea and Energy Services are the "same" company. Only thing is that IF you ever get any money from them the money will come from an offshore account from Energy Services, and whatever job you do for them will be in Energy Subsea.

I'd also like to correct that ES do NOT own or have an Electrical ROV, this is just bragging. It is true that they did some overhauling of one ROV that AAK had earlier but it is not ES's vehicle.

I am not too sure about how many vehicles they have but it is NOT as many as they say on their homepage: This is only too boost the ego of Tittentei and Oddgoat (the owners of this company) and to make them look big and serious. I'm pretty sure there's only one contract going on at the moment, most likely they'll get one or two more in the future.

From what I've heard I believe and most sincerely hope that this is a sinking ship. I just wish that the contractors they work / worked for knew what kind of smallballed guys these two owners are. Their offshore contracts, by this I mean the few they get are specced with lies about crew and equipment.

And last I'd like to repeat what everyone else says about these guys. DO NOT WORK FOR THEM, U WILL NEVER SEE your money. MAYBE they'll pay in advance if you are good. But the majority of the workers wont get paid and never will. STAY THE F. AWAY
Hi p3dro,

About Energy Subsea??? which Energy Subsea you talking about :
Energy Subsea AS - Norway
Energy Subsea Pte Ltd - Singapore
Energy Subsea SVS Ltd - Sorry I am can't find a place of registrations

Onestly do not know which one of them have sig contract with you, but for shore not Singapore company, because Energy Subsea Pte Ltd as owner of 2 units of Dolphin 2 & 3 (125 HP) was been involve only one project so far at Sakhalin on board Korean Rig Doo Sung contrcat was around 5 month, Energy Subsea Pte Ltd have used ROV crew provided by Norwegian company Energy AS which nothing to do with Energy Subsea Pte Ltd - so far if required Energy Subsea Pte Ltd can prove by TT payments then all bill of crew and other technical services was paid, so please before blackmailing any names be shore you give true story, or otherwise you become a just "empty drum" you need more detale is can be provided. But if you have bad experiances with some similar name of companies please be acurate in blaming. Take care, and have a nice day.
About the company; it is a Ltd. Regged company in Singapore, Energy Subsea. They go by many "intelligent" names.
#1. I couldnt care a shit if I in some way didnt do the "correct" research you find appropriate about Energy Subsea.
#2. I Even posted a link to the homemade Mobile Phone manufacturer - based useless and untalented web page they have. By the way, what the hell is a Dolphin?
#3. If any more information about Energy Subsea is wanted/needed, please just go to the searchfield on top of this marvelous forum and type "Energy Subsea. Here, I did it for you guys, just to highlight this some more:

Finally I'd wish to add that maybe sometime in the future they will change their company name and try all over again, and if they do I'm gonna internethunt them down and flame them as much as possible. That is indeed what they deserve those heartless sons of bithces for not paying employees and hussling every god damn thing they come over.

The good news is that they will NOT be going to Sakhalin for the drilling contract with the Doo - Sung rig. (This is thanks to nickname goldoil in topic Thanks for this wonderful and heartwarming info) As I said earlier in another post that the Energy Subsea company, Oddgoat and Tittentei was a sinking ship, I coulndt have nailed it any better... Seems like _everything_ is sinking at the moment... I Guess they dont have the required funds. Or if it was spelled by the analphabet Oddgoat: "FOUNDS"

And just one last but also a hysterically funny thing... Ha-ha-ha-ha, is this serious?? I must admit i laughed so hard I got an epileptic seisure. This is going as we'd say it in DASS, get it? DASS

If anybody want`s to contact the owner O.I (oddgoat) come to Stavanger Norway 14/5-2012. He will be in court that day.[/url]
First I'd like to tell the real truth about a goat and a puppet. They are both retarded.

Secondly I have to reply to wich has been locked. Because someone seems to have issues with the rules we will not be able reply to a serious accusation about SS in Norway.

rudeboy (retardboy) wrote:
What's worse is that they are hiding behind two other guys - should also be added to the shady list: [personal names removed by admin]
Admin note: As per forum guidelines Keep personal names out of this!

They are being well paid to run the company for them - at least someone's getting paid!

This is by far the WILDEST accusation of all time. SS would probably NEVER have anything to do with Energy Subsea. I and others believe this is posted just to stirr up some bad blood.. If I was to guess who rudeboy is, I'd go for [personal names removed by admin] but I highly doubt that cuz either of those analphabetic goats would know how to write 2-3 whole sentences in English.

Thank you.
Admin Warning!

Look! I know, and even understand, some people may have a beef about certain people running certain companies, but this public forum not the place to publish personal names in such a manner that could have legal implications for the poster and us, the website owners. if you have real problems with people take them to court and nail them through due legal process.

As has been said often enough here at ROVworld. The mention of company names or the postions of persons in a company (eg: Operations manager of company ABC) is acceptible, but keep personal names out of it!

This thread will also be locked for same reason the other thread was.

Next action, with no further warning, will be to start locking accounts of those that appear to have total disregard for forum rules.


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