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We are in the closing stages of securing a large contract, some of which calls for considerable ROV intervention. As such we are looking to sub-contract aspects of this work scope.
Have any of you had experience of, or able to provide feedback on Austin ROV?
Thanks in advance.

12 yrs. of experience doesn't really cut it for me....
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
What's up with the pictures page? I mean four kids playing on the beach... looks like someone needs a little IT help IMHO.

Submerged Recovery & Inspection Services
Rather poor show when the Contact Us page only has a mobile number, and no address apart from saying "Aberdeen"

It also seems to be just a company of "consultants"? Unless of course that is what you are looking for. All the Support pages are still Under Construction.

Personally never heard of them before.

Never heard of them either but i know a Mike Austin at Technip is this the same guy?

This is Mike Austin alright...

On that account, we should all say we have ROV companies...

I am an ROV Consultant, pick me pick me... WTF

Unsure of where you are coming from with your last post, i dont think anyone was slagging you off just a comment on your website was made but take it as at least people are looking at it and they have pointed out some area's that need resolving.

as for the quote

"On that account, we should all say we have ROV companies... "

Does anyone not know im a share holder in Offshore Manpower SA i dont hide the fact its on all my Job posts like i dont hide my name either.

Anyway good luck

Best regards Lloyd Todd (AKA Mad-dog)
To All,

Here is our website anyone want to comment send me a pm good or bad,

Regards Mad-dog

Last edited by Mad-dog on 20:40 Wed 20 Apr 11; edited 1 time in total
Hello Lloyd,

I am not Mike, you misinterpreted me.

I know Mike Austin as I have worked with him several time, I know he has started his ''Company'' and I was referring to the fact that he puts his personal experience has ''Company'' experience...

In which case we should all say we have companies as ROV consultants...

Can't blame the guy for trying, just the way he does it.


I see you point


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