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What do you deem a safe offshore trip duration?
1 week
 0%  [ 0 ]
2 weeks
 3%  [ 1 ]
4 weeks
 60%  [ 18 ]
6 weeks
 23%  [ 7 ]
8 weeks
 13%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 30

There has been some discussion (elsewhere) on safe trip durations and what effect that may have on general safety and equipment.

This thread has been started to cater for such a discussion.

Please vote and add relevant comments.
In my experience I have worked as short as 5 days and as long as 60 on a hitch.

Having said that, and now working a regular 28 day cycle, I actually think 3 weeks would be good.

My reasoning based on 28 days:

1. first couple of days are spent getting back into the groove and possibly recovering from jet lag etc.

2. I think peak efficiency (ROV technical abilities and safety observation wise) is reached from end of 1st week to end of 2nd week

3. 3rd week is the hump probably more a psychological effect than anything

4. 4th week more glances at the calendar and peoples minds start to drift off onto what's planned for the off-time

Where I am working currently offshore most people (non ROV/Dive) are on a 14 day cycle (not to mention that even the laundry hand earns more than an ROV pilot).
Then there's the point of view where there's enough work and dives to do where the time flies by really fast and the hitch ends before you know it! Love those jobs!

4 weeks is enough.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
For me it's 45 days at an absolute max - Pretty much depends on craic and SOW.

Phsychologcally/mentally I think most peoples best starts' to ebb at around the 4-5 week mark (again depending on demands of the job).

Take into account getting into the groove and the channels = anything up 3-4 days either end and you are looking at a months productive work.

Those that do 8 weeks plus, need to take 5 minutes aside, do a reality I safe, and are my work colleauges around me safe? - No.

Of course if you work for Globule Marine, 10 weeks on is a doddle because you'lle be tied up alongside on the bloot Wink
I was on the kettle!
I vote for 3 weeks. But where is the 3 week option
The BeeMan
beeman wrote:
I vote for 3 weeks. But where is the 3 week option

It's in-between two and four weeks. Vote for one or the other!

Come to think of it, where is the five week option, or seven weeks for that matter?

You can't please all the people all the time!
So.... at now, this point of juncture, where do we (all) stand at this time as in an industry standard?
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
The other thing to think about is Who your working for as if your working for say COOEC and your down to your last jar of peanut butter then a week is max .

Most other companys I would say about a month but its hard to say without knowing job and vessel details .



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