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As it happens,tonight,and a fair bit of the day as well,I have been researching and thinking about safety because of this MIST thing.

I decided enough was enough was enough and set course for my local,( Roughly 20Mts ) to ease the napper and chill a bit.

I thought this was a fairly straight forward task.......However ,I hit a way point on the way when my missus called me ,from around 120Kmts away,cause I forgot to load the truck with white chrysanthemums.

Thats another funny story but suffice to say during the next hour whilst using two percent of my head to recoup the situation with the flowers to a satisfactory solution,,,,the other two percent got to thinking about safety again and I recalled a funny thing that happened about 20years ago concerning safety but I was now ready to continue on my voyage the other 10Mts to my local.

By the time I got there I was getting pretty chilled and was dribbling for a bottle of beer.All thoughts of safety were disappearing over the horizon as the morning sun broke its way above the sea in south east Asia,when ,perchance I stumbled upon a friend of mine,who works ,and is quite senior in the pipelaying game.

I was happy.Chilled out,ten seconds from my ice cold beer and a good bit of convivial banter to look forward to for a couple of hours.......when,,,,out of the blue,his phone rings.

Hes on the phone a few seconds then out of his mouth came the words " What fu**ING safety meeting".The call goes on a bit and because of what he was saying my fu****g head went back to safety.

I swallowed my beer,paid the bin and headed on a back bearing the 20Mts to my house fully p*sh*ed off and needing to chill and switch off.

I got home safely,new plan in mind,Ill go watch tv and fall asleep........
However I made a wrong move and went to switch the computer off and on the screen was ROVWORLD open at the MIST page.

Well suffice to say that ,here I am ,sitting typing this drivel with the intentions of telling you a funny incident ,involving safety,that happened about 20yrs ago involving a diving team, a dive boat,two companies,some port authority security,a welder,a big fast Range Rover,driven by an ex diver turned HSE diving inspector, a senior HSE diving inspector and a few guys representing about a hundred years of diving between them,but, Im sorry, but,I am suitably tired enough to switch this off and go to bed.

Next time I'm having a wonderful time of it maybe Ill finish the story.

You Gorra Larf at lifes little surprises now and again.

Yes I know I need a life and no I'm not suffering from the Narks.

Goodnight and stay safe............What..........Oh FFS Ive gone to bed.

I cant believe it.My mate that was on the phone in the local has just knocked on my window,pis**d,asking if I got any spare rooms as a few of them didn't want to drive home............................I am definitely off to bed NOW>>>>>>>>>>>>

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