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Does anyone have any experience with the national fluid power centre for training?
Hi Bren

Q did you do any trainning with the national fluid center

What did you think was it any good?

I am currently looking to do some more trainning courses and looking for tips and advice

No i didn't use it after all
They are a top school for hydraulic training.
Best be prepared for serious in depth training.
Totally recomended
I am interested too.
They have many courses available and I am wondering which ones are worth to be attended, from an ROV perspective.
By reading the course descriptions I am focused on:
- Stage 1 Hydraulics
- Stage 2 Industrial Hydraulics
- Stage 3 Electro-hydraulic Systems
- Proportional hydraulics

Rover37, can you give some more feedback about these?

At Technip Aberdeen Hydraulics provide the facilities for NFPC and they have made a custom training course for technip ROV's Triton XL at the moment in the future Triton XLX.

All the people who have done the course think it is really good.

@rov_er. so you have pretty much narrowed it down to the majority of their hydraulics courses then Laughing

I emailed them about a year ago trying to find out how relevant their courses might be to ROV's. The guy that got back to me gave a fairly good no bullshit answer and didn't throw in any sales tactics either.

The jist of it was that they didn't refer to ROV's at all but the principles should be transferable.

He also said that a satellite training centre of theirs ran a bespoke course in scotland but that it wasn't open to general applicants.
@rov_er. so you have pretty much narrowed it down to the majority of their hydraulics courses then

4 over 14 courses is not the majority, but still is a lot of courses.
The problem is that when reading the course description, I would not skip any of those listed in my previous reply...I would rather add some more.
I'll phone them this week to ask their support on this.

Which courses the guy of nfpc was suggesting to you, by the way?

From what I can remember you can't start stage 2 till you complete stage one, and so on.
He basically said start at the basics and work your way up.

They won't bite and seem fairly straight to deal with. I actually get emails every three months or so asking if I want to be taken off their email list... which is refreshingly different. Or maybe they just don't want me as a customer??

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