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For those not in the know....

MIST = Minimum Industry Safety Training

It appears to be a UK (North Sea) Initiative falling under the umbrella of OPITO as it is OPITO Approved.

What I have found out so far:

On OPTO's website at:
They have a .pdf factsheet which reads as follows:

Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST)
What is the MIST programme and who is it designed for?
· The training is designed for all offshore workers, both new to the industry and experienced personnel and includes awareness of the following nine areas:

‑ Introduction to the Hazardous Offshore Environment
‑ Working Safely including Safety Observations Systems
‑ Understanding the Risk Assessment Process
‑ Tasks that Require Permit to Work
‑ Personal Responsibility in Maintaining Asset Integrity
‑ Using Manual Handling Techniques Every Day
‑ Controlling the Use of Hazardous Substances Offshore
‑ Knowledge and Practices of Working at Height
‑ Being Aware of Mechanical Lifting Activities

· New starts should, in accordance with this Step Change in Safety initiative, attend a comprehensive approved 2 day introduction course or in-house approved equivalent
· Experienced personnel should, in accordance with this Step Change in Safety initiative, undertake an approved online training tool that provides training only in the areas that they specifically require, reducing unnecessary duplication and repetition. This will need to be refreshed every 4 years to maintain the current vantage accreditation
· Both methods provide access to the MIST vantage accreditation for straightforward verification by employers and operators

What are the benefits of the MIST programme to employers?
· A safer workforce
· Consistent and cost effective introductory safety training
· Reduced costs for new starts and existing workforce this programme is
designed to avoid duplication of minimum safety training between operators
· A single, central, quality assured verification that personnel have been trained to the standard via the Vantage system

What are the benefits of the MIST programme to industry?
· Reduced waste and duplication
· Tangible evidence of the industry commitment to making the UK the safest Oil and Gas Exploration and Production province in the world
· A quality assured, industry wide standard of introductory safety training delivery for new starts
· Valuable information regarding knowledge gaps in workforce knowledge so that ongoing training can be better targeted and focussed

What are the benefits of the MIST programme to the workforce?
· Knowledge that coworkers share a standardised level of safety training and awareness
· Evidence that industry is committed to making the UK the safest place to work in the worldwide oil and gas industry
· A reduction in duplicate and repetitive safety training when changing locations How do we access the training?
· New Starts can be trained at a number of OPITO approved training providers.

Visit to find your nearest approved provider.

The cost of this 2 day training will vary according to the particular training provider selected, how many places you wish to book etc*

· Employers can apply to have their internal (inhouse) introductory safety
training approved at no cost. Free training resources are also available
Visit to find out how*
· Experienced workers are guided through an online MIST tool available visit or for more details*
* Please note that a vantage registration fee of £21.00 will apply to each delegate

Does this training replace the Employing Company Induction (ECI) or Basic Offshore Survival, Induction and Emergency (BOSIET) training?
No, however the ECI programme will be phased out in due course, visit for more information.

What are the recommended next steps for operators and other employers?
· Make sure that all relevant functions are aware of the introduction of the MIST programme e.g.:
‑ HR
‑ Competence teams
‑ Logistics teams
‑ Communications
· Decide how and when to best introduce MIST into your organisation to meet the end 2010 target in a manageable way – don’t leave it too late. Don’t forget to consider your supply chain contractors
· Make sure your intentions are communicated to your workforce, with relevant
supporting information and links
· Ask your team(s) to develop a coordinated
roll out plan
· Request a briefing or demonstration if necessary – visit

At Atlas Interactive (e-learning for the oil & Gas Industry)

They say....

Minimum Industry Safety Training - MIST
For Experienced Offshore Workers

It has been recognised that a key component to achieving a reduction in hazards and accidents in the UKCS offshore industry is to improve safety training for all personnel. This is what the Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) has been designed to do. MIST is a Step Change in Safety initiative, developed in conjunction with OPITO - The Oil & Gas Academy, that highlights the oil and gas industrys commitment to continually improving safety. The MIST programme ensures that anyone travelling offshore has the right training and skills to minimise hazards.

Atlas Interactive provides MIST Training for experienced offshore workers. The training is in the form of an e-learning programme, delivered on a dedicated online MIST portal. The embedded FAST TRACK tool works by assessing a learner's knowledge gaps under time bound conditions. The content of the course that is then delivered to the learner is based on their personal knowledge gaps.

What subjects are covered in MIST?

* MIST consists of nine modules as follows:

* Introduction to the Hazardous Offshore Environment

* Working Safely

* Understanding the Risk Assessment Process

* Tasks that Require a Permit to Work

* Personal Responsibility in Maintaining Asset Integrity

* Using Manual Handling Techniques Every Day

* Controlling the Use of Hazardous Substances Offshore

* Knowledge and Processes of Working at Height

* Being Aware of Mechanical Lifting Activities

Please feel free to add comments and more information as you come across it.

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James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
So it is NOT compulsory?
I have absolutely no idea...... I was just told from above that we were all doing it. (I'm speaking from a contractor perspective though). You might find that your human resources bods have already encompassed the MIST requisites as part of your ongoing training.
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I'm sick of people dreaming up new ways to get their hands in my pocket.

Whats wrong with the safety passports that have been around for ages or the in house safety courses which happen on arrival at the work site.

This is just another bunch of people getting into our pockets for our hard earned money.
rayshields wrote:
So it is NOT compulsory?

Reading between the lines I think there are some around trying to make it compulsory.
It might not become law but you only need a few oil co's to jump onboard and it might as well be compulsory. Game over!

As suggested above by tc1 .. yet another money extraction scheme superseding yet another scheme.

Where will it stop??
James Mc
Site Admin

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Yet again another issue which could in time be discussed with OPITO through the IROVA set up, perhaps sooner the Onion set up should be looking into it for existing members.

The big companies are not in an easy situation, as soon as someone like OPITO say it is a safety course they must struggle to say no our company is not doing that as the return argument will be, so you do not want your staff to stay safe

Rock and a hard place really.

Is this really going to make us safer at work?
Is it just going to bore the life out of us for two days when we should be at home enjoying our time off and for the contractors they get the joy of being bored and out of pocket.

There are already no end of in house training schemes an infinate number of variations of stop cards, survival courses and medicals. It is not far off wearing a space suit getting on a north sea chopper with survival suits and life jackets and rebreathers. I wonder what they will add to that in the future.
I was out on a n sea platform for a small inspection job and before I joined I had to do the MIST online, by request of the client. I think it went on to my vantage card as I had to submit my number on line. £60 odd quid plus vat just to suck an egg. Another money spinner, I take my hat off to these guys that invent and sell these safety controls then sit back as the money rolls in from gullible clients. Beats working for a living.
I think what irks me more than anything is how these things seem to be developed behind the scenes without consulting those working in the industry. Then there is always the associated costs that are inevitably extracted from the pockets of those falling under the scheme.
Sure, there must be some meetings going on, but it strikes me that the decision making process always happens behind the scenes, away from the eyes of the bulk of people employed (one way or another) in the offshore side of our industry.

An association, such as the IROVA, would get wind of such an initiative and in the early days be able to feed it down the food chain to it's members and make them aware of what's on the radar. Nobody is saying the IROVA will have any major influence on these types of initiatives but, it should create a conduit better suited to the dissemination of such information, especially to a good number of members who are freelance and not updated via the route ordinary employees might be.

It does appear though that there seems to be a few employees, longer term or otherwise, whom are not aware of this MIST thing either.

Is this an indication that the companies themselves are unaware of the MIST program?
Or is this a simple failure in them feeding such information to those working offshore?
Posted: 11:10 Tue 30th Nov 2010
subman wrote:
I just received this in the mail today does any body know any thing about this sounds like more ways to milk you or is it a Wind up ?




I thought I should remind you of two upcoming changes that may affect your working activity.

Please be aware that effective 1st January 2011 you will not be allowed to travel offshore in the UK North Sea if you have not completed the MIST process.

MIST= Minimum Industry Safety Training.

You must already be registered under the UK “Vantage” offshore worker system to be able to enrol on the MIST course.

If you are an experienced offshore worker, you can obtain the certificate online by completing a quiz at this website The cost of this is about GB£75.00 and you will need a credit/debit card to pay online.

From March 2011 there will be some changes introduced to the rules concerning liability insurance which will mean in some cases you will need to take out your own liability insurance instead of relying on the insurance cover provided by Oil Consultants ltd- We will deal with these changes on a case by case basis. Full details of cost-effective individual liability policies can be found here:

Best regards,

Oil Consultants

PostPosted: 11:31 Tue 30th Nov 2010
Tagan wrote:
Not too sure re the insurance part of the letter but the MIST info is correct.
I had to do it while out on last hitch seams that you won't be able to go offshore without it after the new year. I had 61 multipul choice questions and any you get wrong you go back watch a 5 min update and redo the questions you got wrong. Caused quite a bit off debate with the lads re the rights and wrongs of the answers.
The system asks the type of work that you are involved in and is supposed to set the questions that are appropriate to your work. But the catering crew on board were getting questioned about PTW, working at hieght etc and were finding it hard as they dont genrally work with such systems.
Also had 2 new starts who had just done their survival for the first time and MIST was part of their course and took 2 days to complete as it is their introduction into an offshore enviroment.

Posted: 11:54 Tue 30th Nov 2010
Savante wrote:
yup, the mist bit is legit - just do it, get it done and then it's forgotten about.

Posted: 12:18 Tue 30th Nov 2010
rovnumpty wrote:
We've been told that this only applies to helicopters.

So if you use a helicopter regular, then yip, you won't get onto it come the new year.

Very much doubt anyone will be checking in aberdeen harbour though.

Posted: 12:57 Tue 30th Nov 2010
subman wrote:
Well looking at it I cant see any extra information that they dont tell you on the FOET and HUET course .

I think you must do this MIST course every 4 years the whole thing sound like a rip off to me .

My god more certs I hate think what its going to be like in 5 years time ! and

GBP 75.00 to pay out extra .

Crying or Very sad


As the MIST test can be carried out on-line (from home, in the office, whatever) and it appears to lean towards platform operations, I'm inclined to suggest nobody rushes into getting one of these certs unless they are asked to provide one.

After a bit of digging it does seem that OPITO and the so called Step Change in Safety group are behind this, see (extract) below:

Workforce Development

OPITO provides the strategic perspective for workforce planning and skills development for the oil and gas sector across the UK, develops the standards for those working across lifelong learning and is the voice of employers in this industry on training issues.

Example projects:

* OPITO has worked with the industry’s principal safety body, Step Change in Safety to develop and deliver a major basic safety awareness course, the Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) programme.


It's the lifelong learning bit that I find disturbing, as it simply translates into lifelong extraction of funds from employers or self employed persons.

What I find particularly galling is that you are having to take a test on-line using your equipment and your internet connection to prove you already have the relevant safety knowledge and pay 75 quid for the privilege of doing so. Yet, for the exam, the examiners overheads for the test are a website and a test form backed up by a content management system.
The best bit is those hosting the test haven't even taught you anything!

Of course they need to cover costs.... but the revenue generated by this would have to bring into doubt the sincerity of the safety case for this.
How they arrived at 75 quid beats me, but you can certainly see the revenue driven attraction.

There are approximately 25,000 workers in the UK North sea sector.
If each takes a test the total MIST revenue will be........

£1,875,000 (One Million Eight hundred and seventy five thousand pounds)

Where will this all stop I ask myself??

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James Mc
Site Admin

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The MIST training is linked to the Vantage card system but as ROVNUMPTY stated I dow't it'll be checked at Aberdeen harbour!!! BUT if you are required to fly to your ship it will be a requirement

The lads that did the test/course/training (choose the most appropriate) all agreed that it is designed for workers on platforms and as most of us hadn't ever worked on a rig of any description it was a waste of time.

But it appears that it will be part of the survival course so we all have to just suck it up and get on with it.
Well I thought the airlines were doing a good job in getting money out of people what with debundling when you fly with them changing you extra for :-
Window seats , Food , Check in Luggage , Entertainment and they even tried to charge you to use the Toilet .

Now it would seem that OPITO want to make extra money for bringing in a new requirements .

So we all do this MIST course but is there any thing extra that we can learn since having done the FOET and HUET every 4 years , I DONT THINK SO .

Its a pity that someone from OPITO cant tell us why we need to do a MIST couse when all the subjects are all ready in the FOET and HUET course and if there not " WHY NOT "

Its funny I was told 20 years ago I had to do a freefall life boat course if I was to work on Platforms and Boats so up to Dundee I went and did the course £280 , But has any body ask to see this cert " NO " just one more cert that gets put in the bottom draw but out of pocket £280 .

So what with Smart Cards , HV certs and then your Shell or BP PSLBs and all this even before you get to the Rov side of things .

I just feel like a Cow with a very large Bucket under me being miked !

Whats Next


Who takes presidency in safety matters offshore?

MIST..... OPITO have now created this course for the benefit of whom?

Who benefits from having offshore workers dip into their pockets and part with their hard earned cash for yet another safety course covering things that are second nature to seasoned offshore workers and are covered elsewhere?

The content of this course is covered many times over in our industry and, if OPITO thinks that seasoned offshore personnel require this training ,I for one would like some response from OPITO as to why they think that way.

I have tried to obtain answers to these questions from OPITO and received no replies.

Maybe I'm becoming a bit cynical but don't you think that some money making company who wishes to get our money should speak with us as opposed to cajoling companies into making it an essential part of working for them.

This course is linked to Vantage. Why? Are OPITO behind Vantage?
Vantage is a system used primarily out of Aberdeen for the control of personnel traveling in helicopters to various installations in the north sea and is geared for there only,so when did the north sea become the whole of the offshore industry .I gave up working the north sea years ago and since then my vantage card has never seen the light of day.
Does MIST teach us anything about helicopter transfer safety and if it does then why do we need to have an OPITO refresher course every four years costing us hundreds of pounds.

Surely that if OPITO wants to update their safety recommendations they should incorporate it with their existing course ,which is comprehensive in safety and survival matters and introduce any NEW? safety matters as seasoned workers do their refresher courses thereby avoiding getting further into our pockets.

I personally have seen nothing in the MIST course which I haven't heard being covered elsewhere in the industry, so come on OPITO, tell us your reasons, why you want us to do this NEW course other than to line your pockets with our hard earned cash?

As with IMCA,OPITO is a business which is geared to making money for companies as opposed to offshore workers.IMCA and OPITO have zero interest in helping the people who actually do the job because we are their sleeping bank account and to survive they must continue to find ways in which to withdraw money from that bank.MIST in my view is just another withdrawal slip for them and no doubt when everyone has MIST then they will dream up another way of draining money from our pockets.

It would be nice to hear the companies views on MIST and see why they wish us to comply. Its high time someone or some body stands up and says NO to to OPITO and IMCA when they come up with schemes obviously only geared to make money from us.
Safety is the responsibility of the Duty Holder (or Operator) for the Worksite.

So Duty Holders make you sit through a long induction to make themselves feel that they can trust you to be safe when you first arrive at their Worksite.

If you are a contractor bouncing from place to place these inductions soon get tedious.

MIST is supposed to cover the common ground of these inductions, so that the Worksite specific inductions can be shorter and therefore hopefully better understood (and less tedious), while still giving the Duty Holder confidence that you can work safely.

MIST was developed in consultation with many Operators and Contractors Representatives.

It is the Duty Holder that decides if they want people to have MIST before they let them on their site, not OPITO, or the Government, or the WRI.

And that is the gist of what I remember from the IMCA MIST Seminar.

Hope it helps.

Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem
Should yet another safety course/exam/certificate be taken in addition to the basic offshore survival training already in existence?

I think not.

No matter how MIST is packaged, it's still additional bureaucratic paperwork linked to a cash extraction scheme.

Is this simply a back door way of admitting that the UK basic offshore survival training (required for all working in the UK sector of the North Sea) is not doing the job it was designed to do?
If not, then it should be adapted to ensure it does it's job.

The obvious solution would be to include whatever is in MIST in the offshore survival and refresher. Eventually (4 years max) everyone will cycle through.
There is certainly no need to create yet another safety course/certificate that must be taken, nigh on right away, at the cost of £75.00 per person.

Is this happening in the USA? If not, why are the very same operators that are supposedly requiring MIST in the North Sea not applying the same requirement in the USA? Any comments from our USA friends on this?

As someone indicated above... what course will come next?

I suggest.... 'MIST V2.0'?

It sounds like these safety courses will be released about as often as new computer game sequels. Even if the spelling is not the same, the name 'MIST' sounds hauntingly similar to a well known computer game!

So as 'MIST V1.0' ages, and looks out dated, revenues will drop. The authors will need to come up with something more creative to sell, so look out for a sequel in a couple of years Wink

Mind you you will not be able to run with MIST V2.0 until you have proof of purchase of MIST V1.0.

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