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IROVA News - Update (2010-08-26)

Registration of the Association
Official registration for the International ROV Association (IROVA) is currently underway.
Registration is taking a little longer than anticipated but, non the less, progress is being made.
An update will be issued when registration has been completed.

Initial setup - Co-ordinator and International Advisory Committee
The basic admin structure for the Association is already in place.
It had to be, to enable registration to take place in the first instance.
To this end, IROVA now has a Co-ordinator and an International Advisory Committee (IAC).

Further Global Appointments
An idea is being developed by the Co-ordinator and IAC to next appoint six continental IROVA representatives.
Invitations will be emailed to those with plenty of ROV industry experience and having previously registered their interest assisting in the formation and running of the association.

Once the six Continental Reps are in place, IROVA is planning to appoint individual country representatives to facilitate a network of IROVA reps.
Continental and Country reps will be issued with an IROVA email address.
This type of Global representation will allow IROVA to gradually establish itself as a truly International ROV Association.

We do hope to engage a reasonable amount of ROV personnel, interested in the IROVA, in further frank discussions concerning our industry’s future

Should you wish to become involved in helping out, please register your interest in any of the above positions (Continental or Country Rep) via email to:

Official IROV Membership Applications - When?
Invitations for membership will not get under way until the association has been formalised and a mechanism is in place to process such applications.

Those interested in joining the IROVA as ordinary members should pre register their interest at:
You will be contacted when formal registration is launched.

Comments on this update are welcome.

Editors Note:
Please bear in mind this is an update on IROVA progress and not a debate on the why's and wherefores of joining, or not, the IROVA.
Should you wish to debate the merits of such an organization please start another thread for that purpose.
Embracing the International Sub-sea ROV industry as it is today and working towards how we all wish it to be tomorrow!
Dear all,

For those of you whom haven't yet....

Please vote in the left side bar for (or against - preferably "FOR") the IROVA as an continuing measurement or indicator of your wishes, desires, and intentions of evaluating our industry.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!

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