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hi guys

Just wondering do agencies go by flying time or length of time you have been in this industry. I have only been a ROV Pilot for a year and a half but was lucky enough to have got a job with a smaller ROV company piloting decent ROV’s and have had a few trips with the bigger companies too. To date i have logged over 500 hours yet most of the agencies tell me that i need two to three years offshore experience before i can be consider for any jobs

Is this the norm with agencies jobs
Agencies (and rov companies) might often look at years experience in preference to hours, as the former cannot be fudged as much as the latter.
James Mc
Site Admin

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Oh Dear Confused
Considering that one year is in fact Half a year offshore as there are rotas.
In that half a year you may have clocked up a few hours but doing what exactly ? Looking at a Tree ? Trundling along the sea bed with a "BiG Bad Trenching machine ? Whizzing around a platform doing FMD on the side or .......... Bubble watching Shocked
Let me try and put it another way shall I...................
The regular dentist calls in sick one day !
So , You call an agency for a temporary replacement.
The money is good 'cause ................ You know what you are doing Shocked
Or should know what you are doing !
Are you willing to open your Gob to an untrained dentist ?
Hmmmm , Hard choice , I know , But I think I would be more than willing to pay for a dentist that has some degree of experience than an in experienced person Shocked
Hope this helps Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
@ Lostboy

Last time I heard dentists must go to University for at least 5 yrs and then they must assist a practising dentist in a registered office.....

What does that have to do with being an ROV pilot?

Do you have a tooth-ache?

Podge was asking an honest question and may have been very lucky in his first year to have the following happen to him:

- Have a supervisor that wants to see people succeed in a job and thus give him time on a stick,

- Been very fortunate to possibly be on a job that was surveying a pipeline and since he was in a small team actually got some flying time.

At least James gave him an honest answer with no sarcasm or smart ass comments from the peanut gallery.

Keep working hard Podge, the best thing to do is to be honest and ensure that it is truly flying hours and not just sitting on the seabed or in the TMS.
I guess that it all depends on your CV coinciding with what the client asks the agency for. I have worked offshore with agency trainees before, so i don't think that there is a preferred time scale to look at.
The agencies will put forward candidates that they feel will be accepted by the clients - this is obviously what makes them money.

What vehicles have you worked on? Was the small company a bit obscure? etc etc. Stick with it mate and eventually your CV will be what they need.
500 hours in 18months? I take it you log hours sat on the seabed & TMS!
With this lackluster year being the way it is, agencies and ROV companies that hire freelance folks are, for the most part, taking on the more experienced ROV personnel. Years not hours are the norm, second to this are the different tasks listed on ones CV.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!

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