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Instead, it gives this error:

Could not delete old search id sessions


SQL Error : 145 Table './rovworl_nuke7/nuke_bbsearch_results' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

DELETE FROM nuke_bbsearch_results WHERE search_time < 1281260380

Line : 669
File : search.php
I am getting the same General Error most of the time for the last 3 days.
Sometimes though when I select "show all posts since last visit" I get the "no new posts" when this is not true.

Any help?
I already have invested 1 hr into trying to solve this through:

I would rather not deactivate my account and register another if possible.
Need this solved rather quickly, any help appreciated.

BTW I have never used Debug Mode or repaired script so a steep learning incline.

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No need for a new account. One of the tables has crashed. I'll try and repair it tonight, that should do the trick.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
The table has been repaired and the function now appears to be working as it should.

Thanks to those who provided feedback on this matter. Thumb Up
thank-you Sir James... Cool
Works now, thanks!

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