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Hi! Does anybody know the current situation vis-a-vis Norwegian Survival.
We used to do OLF module as an add on to our UKOOA. I have been told that this is no longer possible and we have to go to Norway to do it. Would appreciate somebody able to give me up to date info on this,
Just had a look on Nutec's website

There is a link on the homepage that seems to clarify the situation
Have just done my 1 day FOET with Nutec in ABZ, The Nogie bit was just tagged on the end, about an extra hour or so. So you can do it in the UK
Just did my FOET refresher this week and have 3 training stickers in my logbook for OPITO, NOGEPA and OLF.
Only the OPITO and NOGEPA stickers were stamped by Falck-Nutec in the Netherlands.
It seems you have to do a 1 day training in Norway to get the OLF stamp in these days.

See this article: Changes to OLF approval status in The Netherlands
Did my FOET a couple of weeks back. Also called 'Pan European'. This covers Norwegian certification for temporary contracts only. If you work Norway on long term/ permamnent contracts then you will need to go to Norway to complete the offshore survival.

Agreement on safety training in the North Sea


The oil and gas industries in Norway, the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark have reached an agreement on safety training.

This will make it easier for personnel to work across national boundaries while maintaining the strict Norwegian standards for such education.

Behind the agreement stand the OLF, the Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association (Nogepa), Oil and Gas UK and the North Sea Operators’ Committee Denmark (NSOC-D).

Their aim has been to ensure that safety courses taken in one country will also be valid in the other North Sea nations.

The agreement can be found as Appendix B in OLF Guideline 002.

Important notice:

Please be informed that the OLF does not approve any training providers outside of Norway.

Training providers who offer OLF certification following their basic offshore safety and emergency training and the refresher courses are not in any way endorsed by OLF.

OLF certificates issued by such providers will not be valid in Norway.

However exceptions are made according to the mutual agreement, between Oil and Gas UK, Nogepa, Danish Operators and OLF.

Source: Link

Also the following news article can be found on the OLF website:

Green light for British and Dutch health certificates


Persons who hold a British or Dutch health certificate can travel offshore in Norway without a Norwegian health certificate, according to the County Governor of Rogaland.

The County Governor has also determined that there is not a sufficient basis for accepting Danish health certificates, because the Danish system is not as strict as the Norwegian regulations.

"This means that people with health certificates from Oil and Gas UK or NOGEPA can travel offshore in Norway without a Norwegian health certificate, while Danish health certificates are still not accepted," says HSE Manager Aud Nistov in Norwegian Oil and Gas#

She adds that everyone who travels offshore on the Norwegian shelf is subject to all of the rules in the Norwegian health requirement regulations#

"Responsible operators and operations companies must carry out the same supervision to ensure that all offshore personnel comply with the normal practice and rules in the health requirement regulations# It is now important that all companies inform all relevant personnel, including personnel at the heliports, about the changes entailed by the County Governor's decision," says Nistov#

More information is available on the County Governor's website.

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