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Market for Retro Fit Lighting
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We are currently working with a University and looking for feedback in the possibilities of a drop in LED module that can work in older lighting units on ROV systems/Diver Systems, Thus saving cost as old cases can be utilized to hold High Power LED modules will 500Watt comparable light output ?

Looking for feedback if you think there is a market or uses for such a product and what cost would be considered fair ?

Please email me your suggestions your assistance is appreciated

Thanks in advance

There is a market, the likes of Bowtech in Aberdeen have been doing it for a while.
No matter who is doing it already the market potential is sizeable and worth pursuing I would suggest.
James Mc
Site Admin

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A module that uses 110v AC and is both voltage and current controllable would be ideal.
I was in the pub.
Its been a while but i have just finished protoypes of lights

They are 110Vac or 220Vac, dimmable and output is 900-1200 Lumen This is fixed due to the avliablity of acriche LED ( quite a challenge to find )

However if you wanted to go from 9-36VDC you can get 2500 Lumen with HD light it seams every one likes HD light 6500K Smile must be the new buzz word

The costs are varaible but components are i the 100USD reange for LEDs and drivers the main issue is the water proof case hence why i thin retro fit would work as you can fit to any shape



we have a blog love to have some feed back thankyou in advance

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