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Just found this in my mail box !

I love the rates and the word Tether Monkey !

   I have just been contacted by Don Draper from T&T Marine Salvage, Texas. They are in urgent need of 'Tether monkeys', pilots, techs and supervisors. You all have various skills and backgrounds. Some of you are newly qualified, so don't expect a pilot seat in this one as Don has asked for experienced pilots, I could be wrong though. So the less experienced will have to start from the bottom. As long as you're happy with that then great. You will be involved with working on and around 'DOE Vector M5, Sub Atlantic Navajo and Mohawks, and Video Ray GTOs' ROV's. If you have Experience with working on the Videoray units mention it as they may swing a decision. Don has said the following:We are deploying out of New Orleans starting April 1st. The jobs will be ongoing until the hurricanes chase us in. We will be utilizing the DOE Vector M5, Sub Atlantic Navajo and Mohawks, and Video Ray GTOs. We will be providing diver support in the removal of oil rigs for deep sea burial. Pilot Techs should have experience running and working on at least the Video Ray. If they have experience working on other systems even better. They should be mechanically inclined with computer and electronic background. They need to be able to follow directions and live offshore. Deployment will be from 2 - 4 weeks at a time. Rates will vary from $150 per day (tether monkey) to $550 per day (experienced).

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Given that they are paid peanuts "tether monkey" would seem appropriate.

Mechanically inclined for an eyeball seems a bit rich too!
Thats 430 peanuts less per day than the fair rate. Any bananas?

hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don draper is incharge????? so funny!!!!!!!!!!
"Ere!.... Your avin a laugh mate! It's an ROV with a tether attached, not a bucket of peanuts on a rope!!"

Tether Monkey??!!
What a crap term! It does nothing other than degrade the position of trainee or Pilot Tech.

Or, are these 'tether monkeys' just a winch operator/tether handler that, for pittance they are being paid, do nothing other than handle tethers full stop??

Never mind... I think I have found a solution........

Monkey World - 'ROV Tether Monkey Agency'
Based near Wareham, Dorset, United Kingdom.

We have more monkeys than you can shake a stick at!

For all your 'Tether Monkey' requirements call us now!
Tel +44 1929 462 537

If the company running the job give them a call I'm sure they would oblige.
Hey! Maybe they could become a tether monkey agency for the GOM.

This surprising business opportunity probably never occurred to them when they set out to save monkeys Very Happy Very Happy
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
Well at least a new role will be created...

Simian Supervisor

but he wont have to show them the ropes, they'll all be swinging from them anyhow

I recognise most of them - just the stars and stripes missing!!
If you have not been at some point in your ROV lifetime not been stuck out on deck of a filthy FPSO with it Peeing down and - 3 outside with gale force winds smashing in to you, you've done pretty well!
Personally referring to someone that has to be on the tether as they are the least experienced or newest to the team is pretty derogatory really Rolling Eyes
ROV Pilot/Technician = Millionaire lifestyle,Sat down flying all day.
ROV Pilot/Technician = Getting soaked on deck,Covered in hydraulic oil !

Make the decision for yourself before asking .

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