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This post was added by "Maris-Subsea-Jobs" to Danger Zone (quite aptly I feel) but a copy added in this section (Offshore Medicals) may help prevent people being caught out by this one.

Maris-Subsea-Jobs wrote:
Hi all,

Not really sure if this is the correct place to put this as it's part scam part mis-information! Mods if you could oblige me and move it if I'm in the wrong section!

We've started to notice increasing numbers of people supplying Medicals which state that they are UKOOA (now OGUK btw) when they aren't. Unfortunately our friends in the worldwide medical services appear to be labouring under the impression that anyone can provide you with an OGUK medical certificate (and in some cases Norwegian ones too).

Please don't part with your cash until you've checked out their details via the Oil & Gas UK website which allows you to search for your nearest Registered Doctor and gives you full details. ALL valid medicals should state the individual Doctor's OGUK PIN clearly and should last for only 2 years no matter what your age is.

If you're still unsure or can't find the person who issued your medical on this list then please contact OGUK direct and they'll be able to assist. Please note that there isn't a similar list that I can find for those able to provide a Norwegian Health Certificate but if you ask when calling to book an appointment they should be able to tell you.
Thanks James, and I posted this reply there as well:

The link is only for OGUK doctors in the UK. There are OGUK doctors all over the world.

Can anyone supply a link for internationally available doctors as well?
ROVRatt, the link is not only for OGUK doctors in the UK.
You can find there doctors from other countries as well.
Thanks Gr8, Already apologised in the scam thread. Brain was not in gear before hitting the keyboard.

Interestingly, there is only one doctor under South Africa, - in Durban. There are 7 doctors under Cape Town though. I was under the impression That Cape Town is part of South Africa or did the political geography change while I was offshore?
is possible to obtain a medical certificate oguk in italy?
In response to my original email to ROVWorld I have now found a link which will take you to to the lists of Approved Sjøfartsdirektoratet
(Norwegian Maritime Directorate) Doctors.

These medicals are for Seafarers - therefore can be more useful for those working on vessels rather than platforms (these normally use the 'static' Rogaland County Medical).

Please note you will need to follow the link and the document will open in PDF format - they seem to be updated around once per month. There is a separate list for Norway-based Doctors AND Worldwide.

Happy searching Smile
Gemma Calver | Recruitment Specialist

Maris Subsea
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