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See the armed to the teeth SWAT looking guy to the left of the image. He's a health and safety official not a trained SWAT team member, although these people have been trained by SWAT type agencies it seems!

As health and safety officials they are there to check on companies.. restaurants, food shops, staff canteens, McDonald's? Pizza Hut? and construction sites etc to ensure they are meeting current legal requirements but it seems that they themselves may be illegal!

Chile? Mexico? Cuba?

None of the above locations are correct.

It's happening right here in Portugal, within the European Union!

"Get your hands up.. I think that burger you are selling may be past it's sell by date!"

The mind boggles!!
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James Mc
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Yes, seems that they are illegal....

I've heard of the sad situation of them entering restaurants in Albufeira while people were having dinner and they just ordered "all stop" on operations. Music off, no cooking. Sad situations in a supposed civilized country. Most tourists thought the owners were drug dealers or something similar...

ASAE also created a lot of problems on a lot of good stuff that used to happen a lot more in around where you live. Matança de porco, galinha caseira, medronho, all the homemade stuff that was easy to find in any good place inside the country and is now getting harder to find.

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