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Hi all, I'm rebuilding an ROV that someone else gave up on. GOing well but one problem: Have an UW camera w/LED's that has 2 pairs of 22ga. or smaller stranded wires coming out of it. One pair is red/black, the other is yellow/black. I assumed the yellow is video feed, so tried connecting red/black pair to power but no lights. Also tried both blacks together with one red.. no lights. Can't get the unti open (without possibly damaging it) and not sure of make. Any clues on how to wire this thing up, or how to test if it's just fried? It appears if good shape, like never been flooded. I'm running on 24VDC, but also tried powering of 12V to no avail. Thanks!!
It would help if you let us know the make of the camera.

Trying out power connections on wires without knowing what they are for, their polarity, AC/DC or their voltage ratings is a sure way of frying the electronics.

Once you let the smoke out of the electronic components you cannot get it back in to make it work again.
Why do you not take a picture of the camera, maybe one of us might know what make and model it is.

Someone tipped me off that it might be an infrared camera, and by shear blind luck (or good web presence on their part I suppose) I found the manufacturer. It's RF Concepts out of the UK. The model is 21 IR-CC50C-4IR. Link is:

What was suggested is I go ahead and verify the camera is at least working, and then wire up the lights again, darken the room, point the unit at a mirror and I should be able to see the lights then. Otherwise, I guess radio shack has some IR detectors you can buy to test this type of LED. Sound reasonable?

Also, I'm running 24 Volts DC throughout the system, and was careful not to put the lone red wire, what I believe as my power conductor, to the video feed (yellow), and my black(s) to the return. Hopefully I didn't fry anything - will know soon I guess. Thanks for help/advice!
Connect it up and try it in the dark (0 Lux), you will then get a black and white picture, which will revert to colour when the light levels are increased, also to check the IR leds, point it at a reflective surface and darken the room and you will see the IR leds reflected....
Incidently, Lidl are selling IR cameras with a microphone built in for £29.99,
I bought one out of curiosity, and believe me they are superb.... Like something out of Spring Watch in the pitch black.
But due to the IR frequency they do not operate well under water.
got a couple of them, are they the green ones with the brass housings??

Mobile phone - camera - if on they'll go bright blue.
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What kinda camera should i use for filming a movie?
I probably can't afford the actual ones they use for movies, but what digital movie cameras will come close in quality and look. Right now, i have a digital camera that can make sorta videos? But im not sure if that is good enough. And how can you tell how good the quality is of a camera?
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Oh Aye Verankey, nudge nudge wink wink, Home made movies EH!
To check IR led's point to a CCTC camera if possible and that will show light source if they are working.
To check IR led's point to a CCTC camera if possible and that will show light source if they are working.

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