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I'm building a rather primitive ROV for a high school project, and I need some help on some aspects of it.

What type of camera should I use? I've been considering an underwater fishing camera like this one What are your opinions? I want a color video feed, and I already have a monitor, so I really just need a camera.

I also wanted some sort of indicator of how deep the ROV is. Are there any systems where there's a sensor that could be mounted to an ROV that will send a signal to a display on the surface?

What kind of controllers are people using? I was thinking of just using momentary switches to activate different motors at different times to steer the vehicle. I know this is inferior to using a joystick or computer controls, but I don't have any programming experience, and definitely can't make a board to handle the signals.

Thank you for the help!
Everything depends a little on how deep you want go with your ROV.

You can use a cheap camera from a hobby shop which you have to mount in a sealed pvc pipe having an acrylic viewport on one side.

Normally pressure sensors (4-20mA output) are used for depth reading, but maybe you can use some kind of depth meter available from a scuba shop and mount it so it's visible with the camera.

Here you'll find a collection of websites to other homebuilt ROV's for some ideas:

And here are some electronic hobby shops:

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