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Hi, I have the following four domain names that I would like to sell to this industry:

Please contact me at 1.305 390 2700x.

(To see recent sales of domain names see the charts at - generic names like these are valuable.)
contact me for an exceptional and affordable price on these. is the logical website for a rov dealer or broker.
Dear Jettrader,

I had a quick look and there are more ROV domain names for sale than you can shake a stick at. For example during a 2 minute search I found (could think of) the following


Starting at prices of UKP £ 5.99 per year.

This one seems to have been taken in the .eu and info domain.
Only God knows what this would be used for?

You also missed the ROV fraternities most enjoyable past time.





PS. What price did you have in mind?

These could be good too.

Quote Laughing
I was on the kettle!
There are endless nonsense domains available. go ahead and register them all. is the category defining name if you are in "ROV sales."

The only better domains would be (saab) / which is not mine but I bet is a five figure domain. Anyone serious about this would buy in a heartbeat. I make no claim that my domain is better than that, but this is a hobby for me, I have another profession and can wait as long as I like for a serious buyer. recently sold for $19,000 (planessale, planesale, etc = worthless)

You are in an interesting but niche industry where most of the talent is dedicated toward the products/ engineering not marketing and rightly so. You tend to forget that there is a world outside of ROV's that need in. is that portal. Someone here who wants to go from being a small or unknown broker / dealer to having the best web presence for rov sales could do so for very little money. Or an established broker could cement his position. If you don't think your industry is going to explode and new potential buyers will search on the internet for rov sales looking for an expert think again.

Anyway it is still for sale. Maybe a newcomer to the business will buy it.

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