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Hi All,
Could someone tell me what an acceptable rate to store video would be forinspection purposes. For example, if I was to store video on a hard drive at the rate of 5Mb/second, would that be acceptable for, say, a hull or tank ROV inspection?
Grateful for any insight.

I think if you want to store video from your pilot camera you want weigh up the resolution of your camera verses the bit rate. If you base it around tv quality recording (compressed) at 4 hours (i believe) for 4.7 gb then the numbers are pretty easy to calculate. Approx 1.2 gb per hour give or take.

(Dont quote me on the numbers)
Hope that helps

later dude
Hi Filo,
Many thanks for the info, much appreciated.
So if I can get my composite video into my computer and store it to my hard drive, then that should be okay?
Do you know of any 'cheap' and cheerful ways of doing this? Maybe a PCTV into the USB or even firewire? Also, any cheap ways of adding overlay?
Sory for all the questions, but looked at some commercial units and they are way too pricey for me!


This is the item number from e-bay. Type it in and see what I just got. It's a Sony and Best Buy had them on the shelf for something like $329.95 and I paid a total of $119.00 for this one. It was in perfect condition, works awesome, and I can plug into it with a headset ear-piece and microphone and record right as it's recording the streaming video from the videoray ROV during an inspection.

Just a thought if you don't want to run the video thru your laptop.


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