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I've work in west Africa a lot and never in the Nigerian sector. For those of you who have worked there, did you get any risk uplift?

If so, what percentage?

How did they handle security onshore/offshore?

Maybe state what level youre being hired at?
Its more controlled sinking than flying.

It depends on your company and Client

Sonsub pay contractors 10% for West Africa and a further 11% for Nigeria so then would depend on your day rate.

Oceaneering pay 50 GBP a day for Nigeria on sterling contracts

On US contract 90 US$ for Nigeria

Best bet if you are concerned accept a Deep water Project using the Heliport in Lagos


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You also should check with any life or accident insurance that you have if you need to inform them or pay additional premiums for working down there.

Otherwise you may find if you need to claim following an incident that you will not be covered.

10% uplift or $90/£50 a day seems to be the normal "uplift" amongst most companies.
What capacity would you be joining as?

Agency or DIY?
I was on the kettle!
Thanks for the information guys.

It would be Superintendent through an agency.

I did one job there, although no big problems apart from no food and no other supplies for the ship I'm not too keen on working there. I usually give an "offer I cannot refuse", when approached for work in Nigeria. No takers so far but there is plenty of work elsewhere.
Given the security situation there, you want a guarantee that ransom will be paid in case of kidnapping, your day rate (plus an uplift) will still be accumulating, any rehabilitation period will be on full pay (e.g if you contacted a tropical disease while in captivity and cannot work for few months or years), All medical expenses, any lost property, etc. All of these guarenteed by the oil company.
All that plus a hefty bonus for actually going there and putting up with some unsafe and / or miserable conditions and the chance that your possessions and money will be stolen or confiscated. Twisted Evil
Client rep, Ops Supt
Personally I would say hat 10% is an insult... no money can compensate for the risk factor involved...30% would be more on the money.

Supt - Got to be looking at £750 min to a grand a day.

I guess the agencies would cream at least 15 - 25% of earnings Evil or Very Mad

I have worked with people that were born and bred in Nigeria and even they wouldn't work there...savvy?
I have never and have no intention of working in any part of West Africa, there are good $'s to be earnt in far safer places, but if it floats your boat then good luck to ya.
I was on the kettle!

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