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ROVworld Lda
Based in Portugal supplies Micro ROV systems and associated products to the international inshore marine community. The company ships worldwide.

Micro ROV projects for clients
ROVworld Lda also undertakes 'limited access' inspection projects for clients. The company is able to mobilise a system by road or air, to most worldwide locations, at relatively short notice. Due to the high portability of their systems remote location operations are also undertaken. ROVworld's ROV Pilot Techs have years of global offshore experience in the Oil, Gas and Cable markets.

Depending on client requirements, a typical mobilisation will include an AC-ROV Micro ROV system, 73Fifty Peili Digital Video recorder and Lyyn T38 VET unit. This equipment ensures that clients enjoy state of the art ROV inspection, recording and video enhancement technology at even the most remote of work sites!
If your project is in less that -75m depth and you are unable to gain access to areas of interest with divers, or your existing larger class of ROV system, then ROVworld Lda may be able to help.
The company also specialises in vessel hull damage, prop, rudder, sea chest and tunnel thruster inspection.

Should you require further information on this please contact ROVworld Lda via their website contact form.

Micro ROV sales
If you are looking to purchase a highly portable Micro ROV system then pop over to and check out the equipment on offer.


The AC-ROV - A highly portable & tough MiniROV

  • Light: System = 18Kg [39.68lbs] (inc. transit case).
  • Simple to use: One person set-up & operation.
  • Rapid Deployment: Under 3 minutes!
  • Small: Fly through capability only 190mm [7.48"]
  • Agile: 6 thrusters - (4 horizontal/vectored & 2 vertical)
  • Operating depth: Down to -75m [-246ft]

Also at ROVworld Lda's website you will find information on

  • 73Fifty Peli Digital Video recorders (manufactured by NETmc Marine, Scotland)
  • Lyyn T38 Video Enhancement Technology unit plus the OEM Lyyn ‘Hawk’ board (manufactured by Lyyn AB, Sweden). has a photo gallery and a download section where you can download data sheets and video clips.

Companies within the EU (not based in Portugal) can purchase free of purchase tax when they supply their valid VAT/Sales Tax registration number on the PO.
Companies out-with the EU can also purchase tax free.
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