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Have you trained as an ROV pilot? Did you get some experience offshore and then never get the opportunity to pursue this career? Do you want to get back into ROV work?

The ROV world is booming at the moment and we have exciting opportunities for ROV pilots.

We are looking for EX Cable ROV guys for permanent job opportunites. Our Client will re-train and get you necessary certs to go offshore again.

Experience required

1 years ROV experience in a technical capacity.
Cable experience

Job Details
1. Permanent role 30-35K to start off although this could be initially based on a guaranteed day rate (180 days) until they get a few months experience. You will be coming in at Sub-Eng grade
2. Working for an O&G company at this stage based in Aberdeen. There will be no need to re-locate.
3. The contract will be geared to guarantee you work and will be based on 180 days.
4. Working worldwide on O&G contracts, e.g West Africa, Brazil, Gulf of Mexico, Australia and probably some North Sea. The trips will be typically 3, 4 or 6 week trips depending on where they work.
5. Predominantly on drill rigs but some vessel work will be available
6. Working on mainly work class ROV’s with TMS. Possibly some small inspection work

Training Details

1. The course is 3 days in duration and is run in Cumbria
2. The course is focused on Drill Support activities using ROV ‘s and includes some basic piloting activities
3. The accommodation will be paid for by the client
4. There are no up front costs

If you are interested or know anyone who might be please send CVs through to

+44(0)1295 703132

Who grades the candidate at Sub Eng level with almost zero experience? Cumbria sounds like MTCS and if this is the case then they must have either changed their IMCA competency scheme or be breaking the rules unless they mean they'll grade you Acting Sub Eng? Confused

When I did this scheme I had to accrue 100 days offshore as a pilot tech II plus one year in the industry and 200 days offshore as a pilot tech I plus 30 months in the industry before being eligible for Sub Eng grade, not to mention all those competencies that had to be fulfilled too. How can a cable ROV pilot be awarded such status by attending a three day course and having a few hours piloting in his back pocket?

Out of interest what does this company pay IMCA certified supervisors?

Finally, what copmpany is it so I know who to avoid, sounds like they're really asking for trouble. Laughing

Adios Wink
Thanks for saying it, K2. Finally, we can use our IMCA cert's for what they were always destined to be.........BOG ROLL!!!!!
Pay peanuts...get monkeys!
Get trained by monkeys...get paid peanuts!
Stultus est licut stultus facit.
Es debilem vinculum, vale!
Well , K2 , You gone up a peg in me book !
Atleast another person with some brain cells .
Totally agree with ya
Let me get this straight, a three day attendance course is going to turn anyone that has walked past any vehicle into a sub eng? Wouldnt like to be the person weilding the stamp on that one.............. I'm sure it will read well in an incident report.
Wanted , anyone with driving experience !
Helicopter taxi service.
Will give three day CRASH coarse for anyone interested Shocked
K2, did you fall out with Yoda?
Pay peanuts...get monkeys!
Get trained by monkeys...get paid peanuts!
Stultus est licut stultus facit.
Es debilem vinculum, vale!

Naaa, just fancied a change! I figure the Yoda may have portrayed me as being old and wise and I don't want to disappoint anyone!!!!

How long do you need to train to be pulled along by a ship anyway. I think this will be Global marine anyway. They call everyone above chef Sub eng I think.
Have to be good at fishing too Laughing
Are they providing PPE or is that only required when the ships bar closes?
Don't forget the uniforms ! Shocked
Little white bermuda shorts for the tropics Laughing
Oh , and the cap with a little tail coming off the back end Shocked

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