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ROV crew
Below is the best approach to ensure that you end up registered under in the branch best for ROV members. Namely OILC branch of the RMT (OILC S100 branch for Offshore Energy Workers).

Not much info on the RMT website about ROV?
There isn't, but don't let that put you off. The RMT is a huge uni0n with many branches covering rail, trucking and shipping. We (ROV) are small fry compared to the whole uni0n membership, but the good news is that the RMT now has a branch (OILC branch of the RMT) dedicated to offshore workers and they actually know what an ROV is! It is these people that have posted here and they are the ones driving the new ROV industry agreement along with existing ROV uni0n members.

RMT? OILC? Why two unions?

You may be a little confused by seeing reference to OILC and RMT in this Forum. The OILC was an independent uni0n fighting for offshore (energy) workers rights and conditions. Not too long back the OILC merged with the RMT and formed a branch in Aberdeen dedicated solely to Offshore Energy Workers conditions and issues.
Branch S100 will sometimes be referred to as 'The OILC branch of the RMT'.

So it's the RMT you need to join.
On joining the branch you should request to be registered under is The OILC branch of the RMT - S100, Aberdeen.
By requesting that you be registered under this branch it will facilitate communications between the branch and ROV uni0n members.
Imagine joining the RMT and being arbitrarily registered under a branch based on your area of residence. That branch may be a general shipping branch and, as such, they may not have a clue what an ROV is all about, let alone what is going on offshore in the oil and gas industry.

Plus, to vote in branch meetings you need to be a member of that particular branch. So although you may not be able to attend many meetings at the S100 branch in Aberdeen if you do, you will be able to vote on Offshore/ROV related issues.

To join I would suggest that you call the free-phone number

In the UK: 0800 376 3706
From outside the UK dial: +44 800 376 3706

As another member pointed out, if you have no joy with the free-phone number you can call the RMT membership team direct

In the UK dial: 020 7529 8858
From outside the UK dial +44 20 7529 8858

(If you have any further problems contact S100 in Aberdeen directly for assistance. Explain that you are ROV. They should be able to advise.
OILC Branch S100 Tel: +44 (0)1224 210 118

The reason I suggest the telephone approach is so, when you join, you can clearly state that you wish to join Branch S100 (The OILC branch of the RMT) in Aberdeen which is dedicated to offshore energy workers. The branch is run by the OILC crew that used to run the OILC Uni0n before they merged with the RMT not too long back.

I renewed my membership (by phone) some time back and had quite a time trying to get them (RMT in London) to understand that I wanted to be registered under the above branch and no other. After the event I contact S100 (Aberdeen) and advised them that they (RMT London - where the 0800 number is serviced) didn't seem to know what the OILC branch was. It seems there is also a shipping branch numbered 100. So be very clear with them which branch you want.
I have subsequently been advised that they (RMT London) are more aware of the branch now and may already be familiar with request from ROV types to join S100 in Aberdeen.

You can also join the RMT via their website at:

I'm not sure that you can specify a branch of preference when joining on-line and experience tells me that it can take a while (actually it's a bloody strugggle!) to transfer if you happen to end up registered under another branch.

I need to be clear about something.
As an RMT member, and being ROV, no matter which branch you are registered under the OILC branch will keep you informed about ROV related issues should you contact them and request it. But to me it makes far more sense to keep all ROV people under one roof for ease of admin if nothing else.
If you are already a member of the RMT but registered under another branch, I strongly advise you to put a request in for a transfer, it is my understanding that you need to request a branch transfer yourself. S100 cannot initiate it for you.

OILC Branch Discussion Forum

Lastly, the OILC branch has it's own branch discussion forum set up purely for OILC-RMT Offshore Energy workers. The Forum is run by OILC branch members.

You can find it at:

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Just phoned the 0800 number, no problems at all joining the s100 branch all done in less than 5 minutes. No excuses, get joining, united we stand etc etc
Good to see that they [RMT London] are getting up to speed on this now. Thumb Up

Don't forget to also register at the OILC Branch Discussion Forum

The OILC branch has it's own branch discussion forum set up purely for OILC-RMT Offshore Energy workers. The Forum is run by OILC branch members.

You can find it at:

Please have your RMT membership number to hand when registering at the Forum.

best regards
James Mc

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