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Hi all,

I have been interested in ROV piloting for a while now and I need a carrer-switch. I have been reading some info about ROV piloting but all information is just about the bright side of ROV piloting. In my search for more info i found this website.

Maybe someone can tell me a little about ROV piloting. Stuff like:
-What does the job generally mean
-What does your daily routine look like
-What carrer chances does a 'unexperienced rookie' have
-If interested, what companies can I contact.

The unexpericed rookie im referring to is me, ofcource. Im from The Netherlands, age 24 and a computer engeneer. My english is good.

I hope some of you can give me a clear idea of what I could expect when I choose to go for a carrer in ROV piloting.

Many Thanks,

I do not know your qualifications, but we are always looking for personnel.
Try us at

see you

A. Tap
QA/HS&E Manager
The Bluestream Group
'H' wouldn't stand for Hoven would it ? Very Happy

Do you take on brits as well? If so should I just e-mail Michel Hebert, Manager ROV Division, with my CV?

I'm more of a mechanical/hydralic type.

@ lostboy: Nope, sorry to disapoint you Wink

@ bluestream: I haven't got any qualifications for any off-shore positions. I never thought of doing off-shore work after I finished school. More info in PM.

I would realy appriciate it if someone could give me an idea:

Maybe someone can tell me a little about ROV piloting. Stuff like:
-What does the job generally mean
-What does your daily routine look like
-What carrer chances does a 'unexperienced rookie' have
I've faxed all the necessary forms back to bluestream but yet to receive any response till now.

Thought I was on the winning side trying to work outside Asia. Tough luck though.

Well EricH,

ROV piloting simply operates the vehicle safely to the worksite. Perform any instructions by the client for the ROV to do such as survey, inspection, manipulator work, etc..From there, you'll earn your piloting hours to gain promotion till ROV superintendant. It's 12hr shift work everyday either day or night shift. Out there, you need to be independent coz' you're responsible for your own well-being. As easy as that, that's generally the ROV career.
EricvH wrote:

Maybe someone can tell me a little about ROV piloting. Stuff like:
-What does the job generally mean
-What does your daily routine look like
-What carrer chances does a 'unexperienced rookie' have
-If interested, what companies can I contact.


- Depends what type of job you're on.
Survey - Flying or fixing the ROV for all of your 12 hour shift,
while giving/receiving abuse from the surveyors.
Construction - Standing by for something to happen for ages,
then several hours of intense operations, while giving project
engineers as much abuse as possible as they're shite.
Drill Support - days and days of doing nothing but 'planned
maintenance' followed by a ten minute dive where the supervisor
has a heart attack as they hate putting the ROV in the water.

- Daily routine. again, depends on the job.
Survey and construction - on shift for twelve hours where you're
usually busy, followed by 12 hours where you have to eat dinner,
relax, sleep and eat breakfast.
Drill support - Relax, relax some more, pretend you're doing
something to keep the supervisor off you're back, have some lunch,
relax, maybe dive for half an hour, relax, sleep.

-Career chances. Hmm, tough one. ROV work is basically time
dependant, as in time in the industry. Doesn't matter if you're a
brilliant tech striaght away(does happen) or if you're a completely
natural pilot (met a couple of them), you won't be promoted until
you've put the time in. It's crap, but that's the way the big
companies work. And they seem to be increasing the number of
promotion levels every year. Generally, you should be getting off
trainee level before a year. Pilot/tech should be 2 to 3 years. going
from senior tech to supervisor is usually position dependant - dead
man's shoes - you only get promoted if they need a supervisor.

- as to companies to contact, check out this website (cheers James) and
Ron's rov links.

good luck
I was in the pub.
Whow. Thanx for your explanation, rovn. Sounds good. I like the variaty of work/jobs. Usually busy and sometime relax Wink

I've been reading some more about ROV-ing. I'm getting more and more intersted. Very Happy

All im worried about is how to get a job.... But i'll figure it out, I hope.
Thanx deepd,

I found the Van Oord website and it is all about soil and rocks. Still interesting and as you said, its a start.

The D.O.O.R. company however does niet seems to have a 'easy to find' website.

Unforutnatly, google seems to be unable to find a lot of dutch company's. Its all UK, US and African company's.

As I try to find more info, there is more people i come in contact with. Since Im still in 'orientation mode' it is hard to find more details on salary and taxes.
Oke, I've made up my mind. I'm gonna send out my CV. Very Happy

Any tips on what to mention on my CV (in general) and what not to mention.

Should i add a letter in witch I write my motivation, additional skills and stuff like that?
All suggestions are welcome.
Be honest and and don't bullshit !
I thought Door were an agency ! So I don't think they would be helpful in your new career move.
Try a local company first as they will be looking for personnel close to their premises.It would be helpful to you too , espeicially if you work in the base first !

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