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Alright guys, looking for some advice here & generaly trying to get a discusion on the go to see how everyone else works it best.
I currently live in the UK working month rotations, mainly West Africa & like some others on here I'm sure, I'm paying too much tax, NI etc.
I've heard of various back doors in the system that 'guys have been doing for twenty odd years' eg. having a seamans card. Does anyone know if a vessel based ROV Pilot can still qualify for one of these legitimately.
Also, I'm aware that there are a few other national insurance levels other than the standard UK salaried contribution that the majority of people would be paying.
Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated, after all I'm sure that everyone would rather see that extra cash at the end of each year instead of Gordon Bl88dy Brown!!! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Hang the communist bastard !
I hope he suffocates in his own vomit when he stuffs his fat face at one of his black tie dinners.
Evil or Very Mad

What makes you think you're paying too much tax and insurance?

Sure you can get a Seamans Discharge Book and either complete your tax return on-line or get someone like Seatax to do it for you. Provided you qualify you won't be paying any tax.

NI is different. I only claimed about five years worth because at the time my employer was not based in the UK and I was working on foreign flagged vessels.


I wouldn't try and heve never needed to try any 'backdoor' tactics, use the legitimate avenues to cash in on your offshore status.

I heard that Gordon "The shirt lifter" Brown is trying to knock that on the head too ! Crying or Very sad
That's why everyone in the Uk is moving abroad .
Soon all that will be left in England will be immigrants , Rich people and people on the dole ! Oh and scotsmen Laughing
Hang the communist bastard !
Gordon Brown a Communist! Your having a laugh.

That's why everyone in the Uk is moving abroad .
Soon all that will be left in England will be immigrants , Rich people and people on the dole ! Oh and scotsmen

If everyone is moving abroad are they also "immigrants" ?

You get what you vote for, if you dont like the LABOUR PARTY vote for someone else!?!

aye, gordon broon is a right poof nae doot!! do you know he cant drive so he gets taxis everywhere the WE pay for!!! mother*ucker!!

Duh hes the chancellor of the Exchequer for gods sake, do you want him to nip out and buy a 2nd hand mini!

and i dont believe he's gay either. Not that there should be any problem if he was.

C'mon guys, how many of you lot even pay tax, or vote or live in the uk anymore?

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Unfortunately I pay too much bloody tax Evil or Very Mad
And I F##@*ingwell earnt it ! I consider myself middle class , The backbone of England ! I pay for twats in council houses
Yes moving abroad will put me as an immigrant but some other countries have straight forward policies ...............
You get what you put in !
Clingons get asked to leave !
If you don't like the way they live then leave !
You don't like their way of life then leave !
You don't go to a country and try to change their way of life !
In a nut shell , Prats who prefer to sit on the dole and don't Bother to find a job are the ones that voted Mr gobshite brown and Princess Tony into office !
If ya don't like your job , Then change it ! Go back to school and learn something else !
while lostboy's still on his soapbox....

to answer one of the questions first posed..

yes you can get your tax back if you are a vessel based pilot/tech.

I just got mine back for the first time. After 11 years offshore. too much rig time/home time every other year.

You need 183 days out of the country in a year, some of which has to be on vessels. Holidays count as days out of the country. your year should start from a date you leave the UK. You can't, at any time in that year, have more days in the country then out (days in hand), otherwise the whole counting process resets to the day you leave again

Keep hold of any and all boarding passes you get thoughout the year. these prove when you left/returned. Any holidays which don't involve fliying, keep any and all receipts you can to prove where you were. If you're in the north sea, ask for a port call list from the vessel you're on, as this will prove when you're in/out of the country.

finally, I'd recommend using an accountant for your fist year anyway. Seatax is one, Tax services North is another. If you're going to use some other, make sure they fully understand the seaman's allowance.
I was in the pub.
Are you called "LostBoy" cause you keep losing the plot?

Firstly,I like thousands of hard working people throught the UK was brought up in a "council House" and i aint no [banned word].

I've paid my tax faithfully since the day i left shool, 30 years ago, unless I qualified for exemption under seamans tax rules.

I think you will find if you look at the demographic for the elections since 1997 when labour were voted in you will find that it was dissafected tory voters, not council house dwellers that voted in New labour, Middle England if you like. probably cause its next to impossible to tell the difference between the two.

Dont blame me, I'm a card caryying member of the Scottish National Party, and have never voted labour in my life.

I certainly aint no supporter of Gordon Brown for the simple fact that he has managed to run the economy so successfully that the Pound sterling gets you $1.89 , and i get paid in dollars! and still live in the UK.
So i'm losing money every month due to the strong pound. I aint complaining though.

I'm quite happy with my job thanks, and am in no need of going back to school thank you very much.
Anyway I said living in a council house not brought up in one
I was brought up in a council house too ,
But I didna stay there , I moved on ! In other words you have two feet that move you where you wish to go !
I work abroad because that's where the bucks are , not because I want to spend my time away from my family ! Believe me , I would rather be at home and if I was able to , I would take a job at home if it paid the same !
But that't 99 % of the Offshore industry .
Lost the plot ! I most certainly have !
Too long away from home , Bitter and twisted because I earn the money and get it taken away from me to be given to , As you put it SOME people
Who DON'T get off their F@#!ing arses and earn it themselves !
Have a nice day
Very Happy
Wow lost boy. Coming from a town which one employer employed nearly a quater of all adults and now employs around 4000 people in total I can totally see your point. All those money grabbers who had the only job they know taken away from them by......oh yeah a tory government.

The whole basis of a social welfare system is that everyone contributes a percentage of what they earn in the form of taxes. That way those less fortunate than ourselves can be helped by the government.

The one and only time I have ever been unemployed has been due to this industry so when I claimed for a few weeks now I feel so guilty that people who earn a lot of money every year had to contribute to help me and my two kids out.

Yeah there are people who abuse the system we probably all know a couple do we report them to stop them doing it I guess not.

I think all of the blaming Old Gordon Brown for everything is a little harsh. After all he screws a lot more money out of the English than the Scottish for example in tuition fees when my kids go to Uni I will have to pay Scottish parents do not.

And I would love to know where all the other fair and just countries in the world are. You move to the Phillipines you cannot buy your own land to live on. America has no real social welfare system to talk about and places like Bali are hardly safe these days Austrailia and Canda have higher taxes than the UK and shortly the rules within Europe will be changingto make all residents of the EU pay the income tax of the country they live in.

All in all we as residents of the UK have it not to bad.

So stop complaining.

Oh yeah and I have never managed to claim my tax back yet and live in the UK and pay lots of tax so I think that negates me as being a hypocrite on this subject unlike those who live abroad and still slag off the UK.
Utopia Laughing

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