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Any info on the ship The Fu Hai?
I have been offered a 10 week trip on her and from what i have seen on the net she is a Chinese owned ship.
Any info on the set up. i.e. food quality. Is it boiling water and noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner ? Is it a cockroach infested hell hole? Weevils in the food etc.etc.
Sorry i've only asked about the -ve's .
Any heads up would be much appreciated. Wink

The Fu Hai is the former Maersk Repeater. It's a reasonably comfortable vessel on charter (possibly purchased?) to SBSS. The cabins are ok and you shouldn't be sharing. There used to be a small gym, library/ lounge and a cinema. SBSS have their MD3 plough onboard and when I saw it a couple of months back they had their Triton ST onboard too. Wouldn't like to comment on conditions since the Chinese took over but your thoughts aren't probably far off! SBSS have a decent bunch of guys.

Enjoy..hope they're paying decent wonga - min £350+

Thanks K2 for the reply. I have worked on the Recorder and the Responder so that info has helped. And the rate is what you recommended. Thanks fullycoded.
Fu Hai---Oh lordy for a minute I thought it read Fu Lai Shocked
Now I could tell you a story or two about her!

Have worked the Repeater, Responder and onboard the Reliance from her build and acceptance trials...The Repeater has faired the worst. My visit was when it was in the hands of SBSS, and it was getting pretty grotty then...even the linen was turning yellow Confused

10 weeks - You are a brave man, reminds me of the C & W days. I'd push the rate to higher than 350 Russ!

I was on the kettle!

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