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Hi all.

Potential opportunity arising with Subsea7.

Shocked Anyone out there who knows about the type of ROVs used? What like are they to work on and how old are they?

What types of LARS systems are there and how are they to operate?

How many years experience does it require to be Sub. Eng. status with them? (generally speaking).

Also, Really fancy doing an online MSc Subsea Eng. and wandering whether they sponsor these sorts of deals with a binding period to the company. Anyone got any comments on this?
The ROV division of Subsea 7 is called i-Tech (Intervention Technology).
Their website ( seems to be down at the moment so you should try later this week to find out what they got.

As far as I remember they have some SMD ROV's like Quark and/or Quantum.
Oke website seems to be back again:

- Centurion QX
- Centurion HD
- Demon
- Diablo
- Hercules
- Olympian
- Pioneer HD
- Warrior

- Seaeye 600
- Seaeye Tiger

Thanks for the link.

Looks like a good deal of organisation required with so many different spare parts to keep track of.
Sorry Ron, think you might have that a wee bit wrong.

I-tech is subsea 7's drill support division. It was originally spun off to make it easier to flog to someone(probably Oceanqueerthing) but they've either had a rethink, or no-one wants to buy it.

Subsea use all their own design of vehicles, apart from a few they've picked up through company aquistions.(olympians, demon and diablo. they've even got an old MRV)

The Herc's are the probably the pick of the bunch, and are generally found on the construction vessels. The centurions started out as super scorpios a long time ago, but have been upgraded till I thnk only the pods are still original. Pioneers are the same idea - they use the old scorpio control system!

The link to SMD is that they've started farming out the production of new ROV's to them in much the same way as Acergy has Schilling build the new ACVs
I was in the pub.

That is not the only ROV part of subsea 7 there is the construction guys who are on most of Subsea 7 vessels (Not rigs or technically part of Itech)


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