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This is one carried over from the old forum

Quite a good run ashore.
Finigans pub at the center of town near fountain square is very popular with ex-pats, a good starting point where you can get more info. Serves food as well. Plenty of other pubs and clubs at the fountain square area and all over town. Drinks prices are normaly $2.5 to $5 per drink.
Hamburger joint - Sunset Cafe, same area. Norwegian pub named Troll near the Radisson hotel.
Club 1033 near the Hyatt is a good disco.
Best shopping - pirated DVD's ($4 - $8 ) pirated software ($3 a CD), pirated MP3 ($3 a CD0) good shops for all the above - Grand (2 locations near fountain square) DVD planet (in a small square nearby).
Carpets are supposed to be a bargain for those who understand what they are looking at.
Gina McLauchlan
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bugger could have done with this info last week! ah well next time!
Again, a late reply, only just got back on after a long absence. Great place to be ashore, worked here for 9 months, about 6 of which were spent on the beach, which was haaaard heh heh. Fountain Square, as stated, is where to start. The Corner Bar, Madonna Bar, The 3 Bears and the Caledonia Bar are all good bets. Further out you have Finigans and the Shakespeare Bar. If it's girls you want you have what we call the pubic triangle, consisting of 'N' Brothers, The Coral Bar and Black Jacks nightclub. These are to name only a few, there are many many more all within walking distance but why walk when you can get a taxi for the equivalent of about £1.50! I have never seen so many beautiful girls in one place as Baku, if you get the chance to work there take it immediately. Highly recommended but don't wander down any dark lanes alone after dark, same as any city anywhere in the world. Twisted Evil Very Happy Shocked
Whatever you do, don't fall in love with these "beautiful" women who drink in N Brothers, Corral or Blackjacks as they are all Hoes. Ask Glynnski, he was about to get one out of the country but she couldn't remember his surname at the immigration office Surprised Laughing Shocked
Aaaah , the pasport run Shocked
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !

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