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anyone one know of a decent rub and tug in Aberdeen? Looks like i am stuck here for a little while more than i planned and am getting bored.
Where to start....

Depends. Have you got standards? How low do they go? Razz Razz Razz

The RLD has been moved on and is no longer a tolerance zone now. A lot of teh girls have been moving into town, especially down the bottom of Market Street. Tho I wouldnt recommend it as theyre all Druggies.

If you want a challenge, go n try n chat up Val in the Crown n Anchor Very Happy Very Happy

I'll be there next week if your still about. Tho Im no tugging no-one!
Heh heh - don't know about any of that stuff - but a good thing is soul casino - get your I'd with you but you can get a full cooked breakfast at four in the morning ! Fantastic if you are gonna pull a 48 hour session
Talk in anger and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.
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mmm Val mmm nuff said! oh and theres always the ladies darts team Wink
You could always email the old , fat , lonely bald sheep herder Rolling Eyes
Not trying to matchmate in any way but as you are both looking for entertainment and live in the same country ........................................... Wink
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
mmm fat baldy sheep herder mmm
I like big girls!
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I know Val well, I reckon she'd luv ye to try it on with her like LOL. The lassies that work in the bars doon the harbour there are great to get on with bar none but ye'd be better off havin a look on the net, the ones that work the harbour are not what you'd call premium quines ye ken.....

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