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Does anyone know where I can get an offshore medical in Portugal. or is it back to blighty I go?
Not offhand but there may be someone closer to you than having to travel all the way back to the UK. Have a look at the list at
Surely James or Gina could throw in the info as they reside there Confused
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
List of doctors abroad approved to carry out duties according to Regulations of 19th October 2001 no. 1309 concerning the medical examination
of employees on ships

The list is to be used in connection with seamen serving on Norwegian ships and in accordance with stipulated provisions.

The list is based on information received by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate from Norwegian Foreign Service stations.

Questions may be addressed to The Norwegian maritime Directorate or Norwegian Foreign Service Stations in the country concerned.



- Dr. Francisco Arrobas da Silva, Jorge V.L. Correia
Av. da Liberdade, 244-1
1250-1149 Lisboa
tel: 351.21.3173900, fax: 351.21.3152058
Arrobas de Silva mobile: 351.96.602.8160

- Dr. Teresa Gago
Rua Pascoal de Melo 15,2 Esq
1000-231 Lisboa
mobile: 351 966 280682


- Dr. Teresa Gago
Avenida 5 de Outubro 31, 1
2900-311 Setúbal
tel: 351 26 5526033
mobile: 351.966 280682

(I have a document with list of medical for Norway in alot of countries around the globe. They might have UKOOA too. Just PM me if you want or visit this link:
Sorry, been away and missed this. Both Gina and I get our medicals in Aberdeen when we need too. As we transit through Aberdeen quite often fro work it is easier for us to do it that way rather than make a specific day trip here in Portugal at our own expense for that purpose.
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