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Approx 50,000 Vietnam Dong ($3.20USD) should get you in a taxi from the port to central Vung Tau. There are a number of ATMs available in town now should you get short but probably the best one that still has cash in it will be the Vietcom Bank ATM right at the gate of the PTSC port. Most ATMs are empty by midnight so be careful.

A few places are worth mentioning for a good night out. Red Parrot used to be quite shaddy but is now a very good place to have a drink and a snack. Drinks are paid each round so no confusion is had at the end of the night and the ladies are nice and friendly. No pushing to buy them a drink. As with a few bars in town, the ladies are hostesses, not hookers as bar girls as such.
Another good place is Enigmas. Never been ripped off there and everyone is very friendly. A lot of local expats hang out here.
Disco wise, there is Hollywood East in the centre of town and Star Club which is down towards back beach. Both have been done up recently and are a pretty good night out.
For dinner, I recommend 'Pig & Wistle' upstairs from Summer wine. Food is always good and is a lot cheaper than worse places around town. There is also Bellys and Ned Kellys. More and more expats food joints are being built everyday. Even had a KFC built near the ferry terminal!!
There is a very good internet shop on Ba Cu street called 'VIP Internet'. They have overseas internet phone cards available as well as private rooms. Scanners, card readers and Fax machines are available also.
Taxis are cheap so it is probably best to catch one instead of the motorbike guys offering lifts.
Be aware that there are a few 'ladies of the night' riding around looking for lost soles staggering home at the end of the night. They are really dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
For supplies to take back to the ship,there is a little shop in front of Red Parrot. They sell all kinds of imported things from around the glode.

These are only a few of the good places around town. The staff at all of these places speak english. Of course there are the usual massage places if that is what you are after, as well as some darker bars. Don't expect anything 'shows' to happen here. Vietnamese girls are prety conservitive most times.
I hope this has helped out. Cheers!
The Viet girls i met in Sg were doing buy 1 get 1 free deals if you took a girl then a non English speaker trainee came free and they were unihibited and hot.


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