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Hi All
been in the game some yeas now, and after hearing of my exploits my son fancies giving it a go. He is 19, and was until recently an apprentice plumber. Hes no mug, good with his hands and a quick learner.
I understand he is young and needs expereience, so with in mind contacted one of the firms running rov courses to try and get him on a course in the not too distant future
Ove rthe past few years I have had several trainees who have come through these courses, quite a few of them have had zero hands on experienc eof any kind, even to the point of not knowing how to use basic hand tools, ie spanners and power drill etc, (im not joking here!). Imagine my surprise when the training firm, told me that my son did not have the relevant experience ot even ge ton the course, according to IMCA standards etc. He could knock spots off a lot of the trainees ive had recently, not just because im biased either!
I dont normally use this site, but was sotaken aback by all the above decided to seek advice or help if available on here??
get back to me anyone
mm not many replies, wonder why that is then!
Mainly because you "spammed" the same message in several different forums on the website at the same time.

One message in one section is adequate.
Ray, Must be that time of the month for you. Johnny, why don't you talk to the company that you are working for ? Use your contacts in the industry. Send your son up to Aberdeen and have him wait in offices until someone will talk with him and hear his story. With the numbers of unqualified trainees going offshore these days a kid that has some common sense, is good with his hands and is a qualified plumber should be able to find a job. Perseverence counts.
aye , perseverence and a few more qualifications, will do him no harm. He has hands on experience with his plumbing apprenticeship, hes no mug, and wants something more technical to better himself. Have worked with several guys who were plumbers before getting into the rov biz, and they all were fine and managing things quite well.
Did u try in underwater centre or seatechs limited in Philipines
Hi, im on the course in the Philippine's now, its giving me a fantastic grouning knowlage for the electronics of the ROV;s circuitry.

Send your boy here, get his tickets, then apply!

Its all he can do short of starting an apprentacship over in Electronics.

A lot of people strugle here, because they have no elec back ground, i done a bit in the army so im alright, i tried applying before comming on the course and got knocked back left right and centre.

(Negative comments edited out by Admin)
You in that course in the philippines, i have a mate who wants to get into the industry & is about to fork out for that one, in your professional opinion is it worth it??
sounds bloody good anyway. Way back wen i did mine, i did it in perth.
Hey Tputtz,

I did the course in the philippines back at the start of the year. I was one of the few who were on it with any sort of technical backround. I have to admit in my opinion the philippines course is a complete and utter waste of time. You said you did your course in Perth and I would recommend that your mate does the same. Or he could go to Singapore and do the course with Cynergetix.
I can't stress enough how bad I thought this course is in Ph. The electronics i too basic for those with a backround and too fast and complicated for those with no backround. The people who organise the course seem to be unable to organise anything properly and after leaving the course only had the feeling I had been ripped off. I know Perth and Singapore will be more money but well worth it.
There is a section on this site under the rookie section about the course in the philippines. Worth a look.
Hope this helps.
neo wrote:
seatechs limited in Philipines

And where is the Philippines? Coordinates can tell?

What courses are offered by level of education "electronics engineer"? In order to avoid unnecessary costs and receive a quality education?
Sorry I dont wish to sound rude but at the moment it does not matter what rov course you do your just wasting your money ?

Because there are very few jobs on offer , Please read guys available for work some of them have over 10 - 15 years in the game , drop them a PM and ask or ask the trainees how much work they have done since they did there course.

So if you do a course I think your be still be here this time next year wondering and asking yourself were did you go wrong !
Having a bit of paper in your hand means zero !

Over the years I have got over 6 guys into this game and none of them did a course , If the time is right companys will hire you and train you but at the moment your just wasting your money .

I am sorry if this is not what you want to hear but its clear no body reads the forum .
Come back in a few years time it may have changed by then .

Good Luck

Totally agree with Subman
You think?
Executar serviços auxiliares de apoio aos sistemas de ROV offshore, observando as normas de segurança, à bordo de embarcações ou plataformas, acompanhando e podendo até realizar, em situações simples, operações e manutenções nos equipamentos, possibilitando seu aprendizado também em relação aos procedimentos operacionais. Presentation
Desejável ter atuado como Estagiário na área de manutenção Onshore ou ter experiência na área de manutenção de equipamentos.

Conhecer e ser treinado para utilizar ferramentas e ter noções sobre o funcionamento dos ROV; Destreza manual; Espírito de Equipe, Proatividade na busca de Informações; Comprometimento com a operação; Interesse pelo auto desenvolvimento.

Qualifications and Education
Técnico em eletrônica, mecânica, eletrotécnica, eletromecânica e mecatrônica.

Cursos e Conhecimentos Específicos : Conhecimentos de informática e inglês ; curso de Trainee.

Desejável ter atuado como Estagiário na área de manutenção Onshore ou ter experiência na área de manutenção de equipamentos. Aprovação no curso interno.

Specific Job Related Requirements
Estar atento e cumprir as normas de segurança da Empresa;
Guarda e conservação das ferramentas;
Manutenção (preventiva e corretiva) e conservação do equipamento, sob supervisão."

"Norway/Global - Experienced ROV Pilot- Day Rate Assignments
Take the opportunity to work directly for one of the worlds leading subsea engineering and construction companies.

We have various assignments coming up from April for experienced pilot technicians to supervisors who have experience working on Centurion 30 and Tiger 39.

Please note this is NOT a trainee/associate role and therefore applicants without necessary industry work experience and flying time will not be considered.

Approx Mob dates - Various starting May
Duration - Various

Worksite Locations - Norway/Global

The ROV Pilot Technician has the primary responsibility for the piloting of the ROV, maintenance and repair of the ROV system, implementation and monitoring of technical procedures and reporting, work management and execution of ROV operational tasks


Must be knowledgeable and experienced with the ROV control, navigational and propulsion systems.
Assist in the Launch and Recovery of the ROV System
Ensuring that the ROV and all its systems are in complete working order and in compliance with all technical requirements throughout the contract period
Carrying out the dive in accordance with recognised operating procedures in order to carry out designated work safely and efficiently. Undertake navigation and observers duties and operating of manipulators and ancillary equipment fitted to the ROV.
To be satisfied that prior to any dive the submersible that all pre dive checks have been completed.
Check with the submersible engineer on the status of the vehicle buoyancy, special fits or any limitations to the system.
On completion of the dive to immediately inform the ROV Supervisor / Senior Site Representative and Submersible Technician of any faults or deficiencies encountered during the period of the dive.
To ensure that the dive log is completed in full for the dive undertaken.
Undertake maintenance and repair of the ROV System under the supervision of the Submersible Technician
Qualifications and Education
Served a Recognised Trade Apprenticeship
Minimum HND(or equivalent) in appropriate Electrical, Mechanical or Hydraulic Engineering Qualification Willingness to adhere to further learning and company schemes (e.g. technical training, Subsea 7 Competence Scheme etc)

Minimum 1 year offshore ROV operations in the capacity of Associate ROV Pilot Technician
Logged at minimum of 100 Days ROV flying time in offshore work situation
Minimum of 4 years trade experience following completion of apprenticeship
Experience in a variety of control systems desirable – PLC’s, inverter drives etc.
Experience in a variety of complex electro-mechanical control systems (proportional control etc.)

Specific Job Related Requirements
Experience operating and maintaining Centurion 30 and Tiger 39
Must be able to attain Offshore Medical Certificate
Must be able to attain Offshore Survival Certificate
Must be Enthusiastic and have a willingness to learn
Willingness to be deployed to any location, globally (offshore and in onshore bases)"

And so on.
Mauger makes sense to talk about work for a decent salary?
But, from what I read, most of what you posted requires people with experience. They appear not to be asking for Trainees.
The rest is not just as black and white as it seems to be. Here is a job so go apply for it. Not all jobs and rates suit those with experience either. Some don't have the relevant experience on certain types of system, some companies pay totally crap rates, or don't pay on time, and tend to be avoided by the better ROV techs out there.

Not many companies look for Trainees... In fact most companies don't want trainees anyway.. they want to take the easy route and use trained/experienced people without the hassle of having to carry them. They care not whom gave those guys their first breaks and experience. Those companies that will give people a start from fresh are a rare breed in this game. I am not saying that no company does, but I am saying that very few do.

Just because someone has completed a course and has a bit of paper touting them as a PT II means nothing. No job experience= (in 99% of cases) no job will be offered.

People are not advising against courses in this forum by way of self job preservation. They are giving you the benefit of inside knowledge which someone considering getting into this game clearly does not have. With a lack of experience of our industry if someone chooses to argue against it or ignore such advice they do so at their peril and to the detriment of their bank balance of course.

When you ask a question if the answer is not what you want to read then, whilst it might not suit you, it will most likely have been been a genuine response to your query. Of course at the end of the day if you wish to ignore that advice then that is your choice.


There have been times when the ROV industry has been manic and short of hands. Then you may have seen people suggesting that it wasn't a bad time to get in. Now it is not manic in the slightest, there is an oversupply of ROV 'trainees' and there will be as long as these schools keep suggesting people, will be guaranteed a job, be on mega bucks, travel the world all expenses paid etc. The rest is not hard to work out.
James Mc
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Yeah.. what the hell. Get a bank loan, do the course, do the survival, get a medical, Hey! why not add a 3.3u course in there as well. Send out your freshly printed PT II ticket to all the companies and you'll be fine!
Best of luck Thumb Up

Lest I forget, whilst I am at it, as you can clearly see the ability to write English is not a requirement. We do it all by text messaging speak these days. Bugger a spell checker, they are a waste of hard drive space anyway.

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James Mc
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