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You working with the Sonsub contingent who have a heap of vessels off Alex just now then?

What would you like, culture or normal ROV haunts? Cool

Drinking in hoitel bars is expensive, very expensive. Especially when you start on spirits, its 10% tax and 12% service charge on everything. In Cairo, there is an expat club called The Ace Club, located at Victoria Circle in Maadi. Cheap place to drink.

For 'ladies' there are a fair number of Sudanese women (this is a Muslim country after all), there is a nightclub called the Africano which is located on Pyramid Street in Giza. It opens at midnight till 6am but again they will try and rip you off for drinks (and peanuts, and napkins, and cover charges etc.)

Most large hotels have discos/nightclubs also, you are lucky you are arriving after Ramadan has finished (this weekend) so everywhere will open up again - most were shut during Ramadan).

For culture, you cant beat the pyramids, I worked there 2 years and went to them once. Its succh a hassle, everyone want money from getting in the gate with a camera, to the guy whoo hands you your horse/camel (I took a horse!)

Anything you arrange through the hotel will be double the price. Anyone you arrange it with will take you to "their friends" jewelry shop and perfume shop where they get the most commission.

Taxis - airport to downtown Cairo no more than LE70. Anywhere short journeys, no more than LE20. The hotels "limos" are just what we would call an ordinary car, taxis are 30 year old battered Ladas (brakes optional but everyones horn works!)

Where else - theres a Sound & Light show every night at the pyramids, very 1950s but no bad show (laser show done on the pyramids telling you their history. Kahn Khalini market - a huge outdoor market. The Cairo Museum - you could spend days in there but its all very cultural and quite boring unless your really into that sort of thing. Cruise on the Nile with dinner and belly dancing - Egyptian "singing" just sounds like cats fighting to me, and Ive heard so many people get food poisoning I wouldnt recommend it, theres bugger all to see anyway!

Jewellry is cheap, they go by weight. Never accept first price, aim for 40% of what they want. Walk away if you dont like it, if they chase after you you can get lower. Silver is quite cheap. Gold is 18-24 carat, quite yellowy.

Road no. 9 in Maadi is FULL of silver shops.

If you smoke, try a Shisha (hubbly bullby to you), Mobile Phone manufacturer is quite good apparently.

Oh, and if you are in Alexandria at all, the equivalent expat club there is called the Portugese Club.

Feel free to ask if you want any more details.


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