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We are currently recruiting for permanent ROV positions on behalf of some of the worlds most innovative and exciting companies. I currently require 25 Pilot/Techs, 20 ROV Sub Engineers and 18 ROV Supervisors.

If you would like the opportunity to work for some of the best subsea companies around, please contact me.

"Do you know of other experienced ROV personnel?"

Forward this email, send me their details or have them contact me and I will do my best to find them and you that exciting new position you've always wanted.

Visit our new website, we always are updating our vacancies!

Kind regards

******* ********


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Isn't Omega Sclub7's recruiter?
It could be oceaneering though as they have a high turnover rate, mostly due to a terrible management attitude to their offshore guys and crap rigs / ships / locations / kit Shocked
Either way its a hell of a lot of guys!
I'd guess S Club as well.
Rumour has it they just ordered a bunch more systems from SMD and somebody'd gotta drive 'em
damn double post

and the rate would be?????

dunno whats the damn secret all the time.We always have to waste each others time, submit the resume, make the phone call, discover the shite rate, thanks bla bla bla.

or maybe your rates are actually on par and your proud of them and not afraid to hang them out there...nah doubt it...sos....yawnnn
HelpMaBoab, isnt the reason your anti Oceaneering due to the fact that you didnt realy know your job, you had a butter claw and no body liked you, so you where invited to leave?
Come on now, lets have the truth.

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