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Just to remind you all about safety and the kind of power we work with.

An ROV Supervisor got killed on a Norwegian vessel a couple of weeks ago. The technicals are not finished investigated yet, but as a general rule:

Don't do anything potentially unsafe on the job! Don't be under, above, beside or anywere near moving objects, heavy equipment or climbing on top of something not completely secured!
When/where did this happen, what company etc.

Didnt see anything in the news or on the Net about this.
do you mean the saipem 7000? (wasn't that in august) are the psa due to present a report on this?
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Saipem 7000 in August

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has initiated an investigation into a lethal accident on the lifting facility Saipem 7000 on Sunday. August 12th. A person fell overboard and died during a lifting operation performed for Statoil at the Tordis field.

Is that the one you mean? Details at

If its not this one Slayer, which one do you mean?
I heard about this. I believe it was on the Geosund. I have a name but I am not going to post it on here but I think he was from Haugesund.
Rumour has it that he was crushed in between the TMS and snubber or vehicle. I'm informed it happened on or around the 9th Feb.
Like you Ray I looked around the web for a mention of it but couldn't find anything.
My condolences to his family!
On another thread you mention stop cards! Well this was certainly an instance where one was required.
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Bloody hell, if it was between the TMS/vehicle or snubber/TMS he was most definately in the wrong place. You dont even risk reaching in under the TMS to grab the tether when undocking on deck!

Did having a JSA save him, did the (almost certain) fact that the Risk Assessment would have stated not to put any part of your body in there save him, did anyone stop the job and tell him to get out (course not if he was the Supervisor). All these bits of paper and a man still dies.

Sad news indeed.
There was an incident on the Saipem 7000 that involved a rigger and not any ROV team member.
That incident happened in august 2007.
See links below.

I don't think is what people are talking here, because if the new incident happened in january/ february 2008, the vessel is another on.
Date 8th Feb

QUOTE [During the preparatory work leading to the re-termination of an ROV main-lift umbilical, onboard a non (Company name deleted) vessel in shipyard in Denmark, a tragic incident recently occurred causing a fatality.
At the time of the incident, the Tether Management System (TMS) had been split from the ROV and was placed underneath the ‘A’ Frame. One person had climbed on top of the TMS to guide the removal of the umbilical. The limited information that is available notes that the electrical power was isolated but at some point the umbilical started to pay in rapidly and the person on top of the TMS was trapped between the TMS and snubber or latching mechanism of the ‘A’ Frame, resulting in his death.
Although this incident involved an ODIM winch and at the time of writing, we (Company name deleted) have not received an official report on this tragic incident, we must take pre-cautionary steps to prevent this tragedy from reoccurring regardless of the equipment make or model. ] UNQUOTE
The last one are more or less correct. Attended the funeral today, not something I like to do again.

Stay safe, folks!

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