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Hi Guys

Just wondering if anyone out there has used masell recruitment for work. I see they are on the forums quite a lot. Is it worth me contacting them or should I just contact the employers direct? Looking forward to your feedback.

Why don't you give Bob a call, see what's on offer & compare it with all the other agencies. If it sounds good give it a go, you may be surprised.


Lets face it, if things go quiet, the good guys will not have a problem getting worried?!


Although this outfit may be new to ROVing they appear to be an established agency, perhaps they can bring a breath of fresh air and healthy competition to the current main players who appear to have stagnated in certain areas.

I'm not so sure that they are looking just for new guys, their post asked for all positions. Contrary to your comment of 'nobody with any brains is going to go outside the big boys', the more intelligent offshore workers strive for a challenge, something new which keeps them mentally active, this may be just the opportunity they are looking for.

Alas, everyone to their own. It will be interesting to see some feedback from anyone who has used this agency.

Yep, seen the effects of lean times but fortunate not to have suffered personally.

Nice to hear you write something positive.....HPRUK, feel free to enlighten the readers or get some info on the rates tables Laughing

Experience thus far is what can be expected with major project..i.e new vessels and vehicles....they do not sort them selves out over night.

Although their client in which I have now a long term contract with has had the usual extended mob dates etc.....I have no reason to doubt all will be sorted out.
In addition...all the other new recruits I have met are not new to the business and rates are competitive.
All are reasonably happy and things getting worked out as time goes on.

Just finishing my first tour and big picture is getting bigger all the time.

Although it is ones nature to expect to get burnt.....just being patient is the biggest challenge.
There are advantages and disadvantages to sticking with "the big boys".

One advantage they've been doing it a long time and know what to expect when you miss flights, miss boats, dates change by the minute etc.

One big disadvantage I see is they go to the larger companies and agree terms at the start of the year. They get a guaranteed turnover of people at a company and the guys (who the agents are supposed to be working for) get stuck with rates agreed at the start of the season as opposed to increasing when times are busy. Just look at now, companys screaming out for people, but the agency rates are still about the same.

And what about this half travel day malarky when the companys are paying the agency full rate?

OK, some other recruitment agencies are new to offshore - but they are not necessarily new to agency work or looking after agency workers.

I'm not talking about the one man bands who decide to sit at home and live off the people who have to work, but agencies who have a known track record (just not known offshore).

I wouldnt automatically say forget them and stick with the ones you know without a bit more research. This could be the kick up the backside some of the complacent bigy boys need.

I wrote something in a thread somewhere to the effect of how the ROV companies and the agencies MAY BE in collusion with one another. One way or another the rates have been - for AGES and perhaps still are a bit - kept down very efficiently.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
In the past i used Mansell a lot for industrial and Telecomm work, they are a very professional outfit , i remeber when they stated in the 80s they are big now and like to do things they may be useful to the ROV community.

But at the end of the day they are agents and their main loyalty is to their bottom line.

liddelljohn says
at the end of the day they are agents and their main loyalty is to their bottom line

I don't think so Jerry, remember: if at the end of the day we get together for a chat and share our experiences, good and bad, the bad guys will not find any other to f*** off. It's in their interest to get the rigth people and to treat them right.
Is up to every one of us to make them "pay".

Although I have not started to work for Ben's outfit yet, he has done what he said he would do and has been in touch at least once a week with updates etc and things look good with interviews being lined up with two firms hopefully next week.

I have done my research into the agency and they have been around a long time and although new to the ROV side of life they have a reputation for doing things the right way and looking after their staff. Thumb Up

It would also appear that if you get the job Mansell take a finders fee so to speak and you are paid direct by the company that takes you on.

All I can do is see how it pans out and keep you posted.

Be good
What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals
Hi Fellas,

As I said I would keep you posted on what happens with Ben, here you go.

Myself and a colleague have got a start in a trainee position with a company overseas, we start on the 1st Oct and this has come about by Ben's efforts on our behalf. As the company do not take trainees on from Mansell as per their agreement, Ben passed our details across to the rov manager who contacted us asking for CV's etc.

I would like to publicly thank Ben for all his effort and hopefully ease some of the anxiety people have in using agency/consultants to find work off shore. In my humble opinion Ben has done exactly what he said he would and it has paid of for us. Thumb Up Thumb Up

As for me, it has taken some time and effort but the guys on here are right, keep banging on the doors and it will come along. Just for info, one of us has done a pilot course and one has not so I would say the odds on getting a contract if you do the course are around 50% Laughing Shocked

Be good
What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals
Shirly one could do ones' own looking after ?

Why use an agency, when you could:

a)Do the research about the company yourself
b)Phone the ops' manager
c)Book your own transport
d)Earn more. Do your own dayrate bartering and save yourself the agency cut.

Maybe a bit bold, but at least it shows a bit of savvy, and if you are what your CV says, then any self respecting opsman would give you the chance and not give you the "We prefer to use agency staff" stuff.

Of course the agencies are in cahoots with the companies. You would be foolish to think that business did not work without the odd Honda Blackbird or shiney Mercedes being passed as a gesture of thanks to the personnel suppliers.

As has been said before, if you can do the job in this skilled area, your reputation should carry you onwards, and companies will want to use you again.

If you want to use an agency beacause then do your research. Personnaly I would use Ben at Mansell if I was not able to sell myself to a company.

It's T-Time

I take that as a complement, I think?


Thanks for the comments its appreciated, I was more then happy to help.

Sometimes it is a matter of knowing who knows who needs the people. We are not working for Ben, but for the company he put us in touch with. He knew a guy who was looking, so he passed across his details and we then made the approach.

The simple fact is that every now and then you need that little bit of extra help to move forward, it is not always possible to gather all the info yourself so you do a little bit of networking. Idea

We have all done it and will continue to do so, it's how you find the good contracts from the bad etc. The good pilots from the bad etc etc Shocked

Ben helped by passing on info he was not obliged to pass on and I appreciate that help which is the reason for the post above.

I do see your point mate but we all need a little help/info now and then. As it stands we a re now of to sunnier climes Laughing Laughing

Be good
What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals

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