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Hello all.

Having trawled the forums for a number of weeks ive decided to finally post with a few questions.

Im currently serving in the RAF as an electrical and avioinic technician, with just over a year left to fit in any courses which might help me break in to the ROV industry.

I have been in contact with a few companies and upon asking what sort of courses/training would be benificial upon entering. This is where my questions come in.

Ive had numerous talks with recruitment staff saying i would not be considered unless i had the IMCA or underwatercentre course. Knowing that this seems to be a matter for much debate on the site i was wondering if they'd possibly sorted themselves out and that its now something worthwile to have under your belt as it apparently would make myself be looked upon more favourably as i have done something towards the career.

I was also told of a course from MTSC but havent been able to find anything on them. could any one please help?

Also i want to make myself more suitable to the industry and have been looking at undertaking Hydraulic courses and the offshore H & S. however im unsure which ones would be the best suited as my knowledge of hyd's is basic at best and i dont want to waste money on the H&S if it'l run out before i get a job.
Is the Norweigan one worth doing compared to the UK one?

Finally is there an industry magazine/newsletter i could subscribe to for more gen?

Sorry for the lenght of this post and the noddy questions. any help would be most appreciated.

Try Richard Warburton at
He runs an ROV induction course and was kind enough to reply to me about a number of training and industry related questions.
Thanks for that red herring.

Has any one undertaken this course and what's there opinions on it. Would this be more worthwhile than the underwatercentre?
It has been said many times by many people, it is the qualifcations and experience you have and not any specific ROV course that counts,
There a lot of CV's from the underwatercentre from people who are gardeners or padi divers - not much use for fixing a million pound ROV and PLC controlled AHC LARS system, (Pretty cheap for all that gear too.)

Learn some Hydraulics - don't do the survival, the operators all pay that no problems. Do the ROV course if you have the money, don't do the electronics SVQ course waste of cash. Courses at,, or there is a new cousre in holland, although i think I would recommend the new PSSL basic ROV training in HOUSTON,( )
3 weeks basics then if required 1 week advanced but better perhaps spending money on the PSSL Simulator for a couple of days, more useful than the advanced course for a newbie, the PSSL course should be fairly worthwhile as they make most of the ROV's in the industry, cheap accom in US too.

Then Hope you are lucky. Right time right & place is the key.
perhaps some computer literacy training !! - I googled "mtcs rov" and got all the info on the 1st page , also used the Forum site search for the same and found all the info you needed. Best not to bullshit just be honest.
I wasn't bullshitting, if you read my post i had a TYPO.

Redherring gave me the correct spelling.

Google MTSC rov and youget nothing on thr course i was questioning.

thanks for the tips tho
Get your CV into Oceaneering. Their were taking on all sorts at the end of last year and start of this year. You might have left it too late tho now. Good training. 2 months of classroom training with practical Piloting. Good course but too much theory involved.

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